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thanks dude

thanks my frnd

Here it is ;) great one!

thanks my frnd :)

thanks my frnd

Wonderful work! Really nice feel! :)

thanks friend :)

Really nice work mate!

thanks dude

wow it was really cool work…! i wish you more more sales..!

thanks laxman

cool project! well done!

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thanks effects_art

Impressive work :)

thanks sukraa

Nice work bobbaanil!

thanks aravind

Hi there – quick question, can you manipulate the mountains in the background with other photos instead? And, if I don’t have optical flares, how will it look?

what type of images you want to replace and why i does not prerendered the optical flares is when the logo comes to the front of the sun it the light will disappears but if you need any customization i will do it

Potentially photos of mountains with smaller peaks, etc.

What about the logo itself…is it possible to have the logo come in without any colour manipulation, but keep the 3d effect, etc?

the original color will be maintained but it the color will be degraded to 50% for the grunge look

thanks hgunngor

thanks Rajesh

I purchased the project but need the pre rendered version with the flares.

hi there, plz mail me through my profile page your problem will be solved