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Very nice opener! Good work! :)

Awesome work ! :)

nice work dude

Looks very good :)

Thanks guys more to come soon

it says “decompression failed” every time I try to download it. I’ve tried it on 2 different computers multiple times and it said the same thing.

Hi So you have problem downloading it I will contact videohive support to see what is the problem with the download.. I can download it normally

I forwarded your problem to videohive support and now I m waiting for reply. Thank you for your patience

Hi this is what envato support says about this problem hope it helps :) Hi Hrvojefx,

Thank you for your message to Envato Support. I have been able to download and open the file without any issue (see attachment for your buyer). Generally “decompression failed” means that the file has not been able to properly download or finish downloading completely. If your buyer were to write into support we would suggest the following for him:

- Choose a different download folder. - Clear your browser’s download history. - Check if you are running any download manager plugin, if so please disable it. - Clear your cache and cookies. - Temporarily disable any Antivirus or Security software.

Also, try and contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider). I’ve found in some cases that ISP’s throttle, or hold back, download speeds of some users without their knowledge especially for relatively large files like the one your buyer is needing to download.

Please fee free to pass this information on to your buyer or to have them contact us directly for more assistance.

Kind Regards, Sarah

Envato Support

Very good work man!

Thanks man! :)

Awesome, I realy apreciate your work dude!

Thank you it means a lot

hi, bought this logo, but….......... I haven’t got a logo to fit in, so I animated a text which is transparent (so one can see the clouds through the letters). Since hours I’m sitting here with an hurting bum and trying to solve following problem. How can I get the text (my name) to zoom in the same way like your logo. I’m working on after effects since 2 days (new) and need this intro logo urgently. PLEASE HELP ;-) Thanx!! by the way …. good job

think I found out :-) thanx for the good work. Brgds Martin

Hi sorry for the late response. In the project panel under the composition folder is LOGO composition if you change logo or text under this composition everything will work just fine. If you have anymore questions please do contact me. Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you :)

when i unzip the file i have CRC …

“CRC error …”

The problem is resolved, it was a download problem :p

Hi so sorry I couldn’t answer you sooner I was on a business trip :), Glad you solved your problem and thank you for your purchase.