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I can’t get this to work with Final Cut Pro X, basically when i place this over 2 clips, the black part always shows, and the light transitions doesn’t overlay the two clips. So it shows a clip, black screen, light transition, black screen, second clip.

Maybe i’m doing it wrong ?

I would really appreciate your help.


Hi, you need to use Screen or Add blending mode :)

Thank you, that worked, it was that simple …. silly me :D

Thanks :)


Love this transitions pack. I was thinking of purchasing it but I’d like to use this in a “Do it your own” style app so that people can create their own slideshows with these effects. However, there’s no such license in Envato, enabling this…

How can you help me? How can I include these in an app?

And the people who create their own slideshows with this app, do they need to buy any licenses?

I would like to know what kind of app you are making? You can send me details in case if you do not integrate transitions inside the app they will need to buy single license.

All Right, just sent you an email


rdp Purchased

Great transitions, 1) question how do you change the color of the transitions?

Apply Tint over layer or hue and saturation effect


rdp Purchased

Thanks tint worked great.

Thanks for buying and please rate

Hi I have purchased this but I require a tutorial on how to use them in my premiere pro projects please

Hi, you need to add Transition Clip above the 2 clips in the timeline, then set blending mode to Screen or Add and that’s it.

Great job. Everything is very harmonious and beautiful. Your work has made me interested in your portfolio. I wish you good sales and creative success!