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It don t works in CS5 :-(

Everything has to work in CS5

OKAY..Sorry it works great.. i have must install Quicktime on my Computer…Great Job , Sinoid..THX

What’s your technique for the extrusion? I have a similar idea, but am confused, did you import this from an external 3D Program or entirely in After Effects?

Thanks for your time.

Hi, combination 2d and 3d.

For the 3d logo, would it be easy to change the texture from stone/concrete to a different texture by simply replacing an image texture file? Looks nice!

Unfortunately the texture can’t be changed

Hi, I love your work. I do not know how to do in After Effects, and I have specific parameters for the video. can you do for me. It is quite urgent, because the web site is completed on Friday.

I forgot, I have audio file and i will send you, this is parameters for rendering:

Pack: Quicktime PhotoJPEG

Video Codec: Quicktime PhotoJPEG Bitrate: 100% Aspect Ratio: 2048×858 Cinemascope (2.39) square pixels or 1998×1080 Flat (1.85) square pixels Frame Rate: 24 fps (frames per second) Color Space: XYZ Scan Type: Progressive

Audio: Audio Codec: Uncompressed PCM S24 LE (S24l) Bits Per Sample: 24 or 32 Sample Rate: 48000 Hz or 96000 Hz Bitrate: 6912 kbps

If you agree i will send you logo in pdf. and order one more gig for other rendering same thin but with with different parameters.

I wait for your answer ASAP. Branimir

Well done man! Otlichno.


Thank you for your quick support – the guys got back to me within a day

Keep up the good work

Hi If I wana Put Some Picture How Can i extrude some details ? thanx

How do I change the color of the background from yellow-green to another color? And I want to put color to the font.

The second video in the preview video is the logo changes color. I would like to do so.

Hey..can u help me with this? Can u do this for me?