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cool! fino uradjeno komsija:)

Hvala kolega

Beautifull project looks really awesome :)

Thank you glad you like it!!!

Thank you for support means a lot

cool project!

Thanks Glad you like it!!

Thank you really appreciate it!!

Great work! mate :)

Thanks means a lot :)

Cool job, great atmosphere

Thank you really glad you like it :)

nice work dude :)

Thanks dude ;)

Great work!

Thank you!!

Glad you like it ;)

Very mysterious concept. Great video and I wish you many sales! :)

Thank you mysterious was my goal Glad you like it Thanks for the wishes :)

Looks great! Svaka cast! :)

Thanks Hvala kolega ;)

Cinematic dream is really beautiful. I would like to use it for a trailer project. Can I buy it and change the letters with Final Cut Pro program ? Thanks you to answer me.

Hi thank you !! Unfortunately you need after effects for this project but when you buy it send me an email trough envato and I will gladly render any text for you free of charge. Hope that helps :)