Cinematic Action Trailer - Threshold

Cinematic Action Trailer - Threshold

Introducing Threshold – an Intense Generic / Drama / Action Trailer

Built entirely within After Effects, this exciting trailer includes high quality tracked footage. Easily integrate your brand or message into the video! Signs, Logos and Effects are within After Effects (Including the “B&W Transitions”)
Perfectly suitable for Drama,Action,Suspense,Thriller, and many more occasions.
Easy to customize with Placeholders for every tracked element ; Car logo,Wine shop sign,Billboards,Slot machine all can be easily replaced with your logo, text and design
Synced to an intense matching Sound track by Martijn de Bont
Original footages were shot 1080p , 23.97fps using Canon 5D Mk ii and a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 Planar. In the final edit they’re letter boxed and reduced to 720p. You can use this project just as Stock footage without the Black & White titles
Pre rendered flares are included.
All tracked elements (shop logo, slot machine, street sign, car logo etc) in the footages are in their respective placeholders.


  • CS5 Project, 1280×720 23.97 FPS
  • 5 FullHD Stock Footage clips included, they’re reduced to 720p in the Final edit
  • No Plugins Required – Pre-rendered flares
  • Modular Organized Project with Universalized Expressions (Fits all AE Language versions)
  • Synced to MartijndeBonts’s – Dark Hero
  • Fonts used are Sanchez and Arial
  • Plenty of Placeholders for Logos, Car logo, Billboards, Shop signs, Street signs, Slot machine, etc.
  • Infinite ways to customize – Use just as Tracked Stock footage without the B&W titles
  • User Friendly – Detailed PDF Manual & Organized Project
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