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Can I remove the Christmas night sky and use only the text applied on a loop of photos? Font is included?

I only want to apply the particles opener on my own video (not over the Christmas night sky)

Yes!! You can do it.

cool, thanks!

Amazing work I love it ! and I wish you big sales !


I returned to my childhood for a moment))). Impressive!

Thanks Kurtcabzon :D

Hi there! I’m new to video editing and I’m currently using Filmora to edit my videos. May I ask if this is supported by Filmora? (Supported input format: Sorry coz I’m really not familiar with After Effects formats. Thank you very much in advance!

Hi,this item can edit on adobe after effects only.

Friend, I wish you all the good and wonderful! Be happy and satisfied with this life, live with love in your heart! Peace! ;) :) :)

Great Work.Its amazing you be better and better:)

Thanks Shadow_1 :D


lsewata Purchased

i Cannot download help me!!!!!

What happen?

hey there, is it possible to change the font to a customized type? btw great work :-)

Yes!! it possible