Christmas Table Greeting

Christmas Table Greeting

Christmas Table Greeting

Hello and welcome to the brand new Christmas Table Greeting project! Looking for a great way to wish all the best to your clients? With this super easy to edit video you can greet your clients or friends without any problem! So lets see what you can do with it!

Main Features

  • Pre Rendered animation, no need for any extra plugins!
  • 15 expression controlled layer to change text and logo colors,light sweeps,size and placement!
  • Drag&Drop text and logo change, compatible with any kind of text and logo
  • 1280×720 , 30fps video
  • Snow falling,smoke,flare pre rendered, still can be changed with the expressions.
  • Very fast render time!

What can you change?

  • Main scene background colors (Inner-Outer color)
  • Snowglobe glass sphere colors (Inner-Outer color)
  • Smoke color to reveal logo
  • Flare Color
  • The text before the logo
  • Text size/placement/color/extrusion color
  • Light sweep intensity and color on the logo
  • Logo extrusion color (side of the logo/text)
  • Logo size and placement
All of these can be done easily with expressions:

Change Snow Sphere colors,flare and smoke color, text colors and logo individually to express yourself or your company the best way!


The amazing music can be found here: Jinge Bells Classic – by pinkzebra

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Do you like the 3d Modells from this video? You can buy them here:

Thank you!

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