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Thank you Dude..

Cool Work Friend

Thank you Friend..

Thank you Man..

Excellent work! :-)

Thank you..

Looks very good!

Thank you.

Thank you Dude..

Very great work!

Thank you Man..

Thank you Dude..

Great job. Christmas present! Maybe you can use some of my music for future projects, I hope you like it

Thank you. I will check your portfolio

Very Nice Work!

Thank you Dude..

So happy and brightly! Oh, Chrismas….))))

Hey Thank you..

very nice work , good luck with the sales :)

Thank you

Can you portrait style pics with this promo

Yes. You can rotate the entire placeholder layer and scale down a bit to fit the scene.

Another question, sorry. Can i make this promo longer and add more pictures? I tried just copying the scenes or place holders but it didn’t work how I needed it to..


You have to import the project file to get the copies of the scenes.

Hi , I need you because I want to keep a fixed stage is used as a background to put my videos. thank you

In each scene there is a camera. Delete the last keyframe of the camera and it will be a fixed stage without any motion.

Hello , I want to edit the background? What to do. thank you

Its very simple.Open each scene composition and edit everything you need.

I’m a rookie. thank you.

Love the slideshow, however the candleflame01 MOV file will not load. Would you be able to send me an updated file? Thanks!

Which version of After Effects you are using? Do you have QuickTime player installed?

Latest version of After Effects and I don’t believe I have a QuickTime player. Do you know where the best place to download one?

You can download it from Apple website.

Error message with CandleFlame (.mov file)—it does not import into AE CC18, see “the .mov of those transitions have codec mjp2 (JPEG 2000), it is no longer supported by the latest version of the program” – please update file in downloadable footage – best yet, save as png sequence (and email me). Thank you in advance.

Hi, Thank you for notifying this to us. We have updated the file and waiting for it to be approved. Once done you will receive a notification.