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An excellent animation! Looks very beautiful!

Thankyou! Wayman

Nice piece of typo work. Good job.

Thanks, kicor

an amzing work ! well done :)

Amazing file… great message :)

yes, the message! thanks!

Beautiful!! And such an amazing message! :)

Nice work! Great addition to the Motion category :)

Thank you JoshuaSprague! i love this family!

Excellent work my friend! Wish you Many sales…

very simple and creative and nice

thanks you my friend!

Very good work :)

Thanks my friend

Hello…I purchased this video and the problem is that there’s no ae file in the zip folder… can you check it please?

this video is in the Apple Motion category.. sorry about that

Aunque te he enviado un email lo publico aquí también.

Hola SebicheArgentino.

He comprado este video:

Pero después de compararlo me he dado cuenta que necesito para editar el texto el software Apple Motion que yo no tengo. :-(

¿Hay alguna otra forma de editar el texto?

Solo quiero traducir el texto que hay al Español y poner al final “Desde te deseamos un Feliz 2013”


SebicheArgentino ayer Miércoles te envié un email a a ese corrreo

no me llego nada…

SebicheArgentino te acabo de reenviar el mail dos veces ahora mismo si no te llega envíame un mail a felixros22(at)

Lo necesito solucionar ya si fuera posible claro.


ya lo tenia en junk mail, revisa lo que te envie

Hi, i just downloaded the video thinkin that it’s for after effects. Happy joy because i saw later that i cant open with AE and gues what, i have windows PC. Can you please help me change the words in the video? Thanks a lot.

Oh man, sorry about that I am in vacations, so I cant help you at this moment.!

Can i edit it with Final Cut Pro?

no, just with apple motion

Hi, does this work on FCPX? Thanks