Discussion on Christmas Logo Opener 1 - snowball

Discussion on Christmas Logo Opener 1 - snowball

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This file has many problems and errors, including the already mentioned .mov issuem as well as numerous “After Effects error: There was an error processing the PDF document.”—Are you able to please release a fully working file that can be opened in AE CC?

I made another update for you. You can already download it. Please download the whole pre-render animation. I try to keep as much support as possible. Thanks

OK, great, that latest download now works. Thank you for your support.

where s the music link?

Please read txt file “links”

It would be possible for the video template to upload again because all the data are not there again. Here you can see it.


i download it and usually unzip it. it might be envato itself?

That’s right. unzip it! Otherwise, Ae will not see Santa

Thank you very much my friend!

i cant rate your item my friend :(

I have similar problems. There’s an expression error in line 1, position, layer 26 “body2” of Santa01_Snowball scene and I am facing problems with importing of the AE reports an damaged file. Any idea. I am working with AE 2019. Thks! But anyhow, nice item, thank you.

Still the same. Can you send me the updated version to

is ready!

(removed, never mind, found a way around it)

Sorry, I did not quite understand what you wanted to say. How can I help?

Hi Sparta,

I got your file from the feebees email from Themeforest. I also have a lot of problems and errors when opening the file. Because I downloaded it as a freebee I can’t download it again (the new updated version). Is it possible to send it to me?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards, Félice

Hey I downloaded your “Christmas Logo Opener 1 – snowball” Project and the file isn’t working. Please help me.

Thank You

How Can I change de “text” of the flag and how can I change the logo for another one?

Hi Perfectfit_Girona, please open “Edit these”>>”Placeholders”>>”Cartoon scenes placeholders”>>”Snowball scene Logo” and “Flag” compositions. Please look at the lesson. Thank you for your purchase!

I can transform the envato logo into my logo. It’s difficult to me.

Please delete the envato logo and insert your logo or text.

Hi Sparta,

I got your file from the freebies. But I’m getting an error on “” this file. Since I’ve downloaded the file from freebies, therefore, I can’t download the updated version. It would be very kind of you if you could help me out. Very good work though.

Thanking you, Bichitra

hi Bichitra, please send me email

The updated version worked GREAT!! Thanks a ton Sparta. :)

I downloaded this when it was offered as a Freebie by Envato. Is there anyway to get the updated version you did on Nov. 27th?

Hello I have smilar problem about I did send email to you please help me for that. Thanks.

Hello, thanks I get solition redownload quicktime player.

can i change some colors?

Hi moks1daz, In the animation scene, only the logo and flag are edited. In the final scene, the color of all the elements is edited. santa