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Thanks guys! :)

funny like it :)

love this so much…. hope you make another for to greet new year ! :)

Thank you! :) More of Bobby is coming soon, but maybe after new year :)

Awesome! I have had both of these projects and can not wait for the next. I have a question. I would buy Bobby a few images in high quality on white background for use on my poster company. Is it possible?

Thank you! :)
Send me a message through my profile.

Hey, I have Bobby promotes and am looking forward to more of Bobby! Do you have a subscription or anything I can follow to keep updated with new releases. I would of liked to get Bobby Christmas for Christmas 2012 but I’ve only just seen it :(

You can follow me on videohive here:
New projects will appear on your videohive front page :)


Is there any way to remove the Santa hat from the snowman? I know it’s a Christmas project, but I’d like to do a winter-themed project that isn’t Christmas-related.



unfortunately the hat can not be removed. The only thing I can think of is to change its color … maybe light blue like the sky to be less noticeable.

Thank you for the reply!

Great project, BTW! This is my second Bobby purchase!

looks great ! :)

Hahahahaha I like ittt :)

Excellent work. I wish you success and even more sales ;)

The first ever High Quality after effects template I have purchased to date. I appreciate the fact that you mention render times in your description, keep doing this and you will have a life long customer. Great work on the template buddy!

Thank you for the kind words! I’m very glad you like it!
More of Bobby is coming soon ;)

Hope we are getting a new christmas bobby this year??? There is still time! WE LOVE BOBBY!

119 footage files required to render compostion “main” are missing…...

What have I done wrong?


This is usually caused by QuickTime. You’ll have to download the latest version HERE
Install it, close After Effects and start it again. Now open the project and everything should be fine. ;)


I would like the purchase the Bobby theme’s is it possible to change his color to orange?


Yes you can change Bobby’s color as you like. Have a look here.
Make sure you have After Effects installed and basic After Effects skill before buying it.

Hi I have just downloaded this but don’t know what to do now. Have you got an idiots guide on how to edit it and how to run it?


You’ll need Adobe After Effects installed on your system. You can download a fully functioning free trial version from Adobe’s website HERE
If you are completely new to After Effects it’s good to watch some video tutorials first to find your way around the interface. There are plenty free video tutorials for After Effects on Youtube HERE
The project is very simple to edit, you just need to type your text, add your logo and export the video. Also take a look at the documentation.
I hope this helps!

Sort of although a bit daunting to wade through to work out what to do if you’re not used to it. Any chance of you doing it for me if I send you my logo? ????

Please contact me via my profile page (bottom right).