Discussion on Charlie's Journey Explainer Video Toolkit

Discussion on Charlie's Journey Explainer Video Toolkit

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Great Project ;) Wish you lot of sales :)

Digiphic Author

Thanks Digiphic. :)

Fresh idea :) Very nice looking

Very much appreciated Elixir. :)

Thank you Marosuperstar!

Nice! Wish you many sales my friend! ;)

Cheers byDimas!

Good job! Keep it up! :)

Many thanks SevenX7!

This is exactly the video style I’m looking for.. but do you have a female character? Please notify me if its coming on the way! Thanks.

Hey Taipei!

I’m afraid not as it would require a lot of rendering time. If there’s more demand in the future I’d certainly consider it. All the best. :)

Hey ! There are no zoomed faces… Plus can you tell me which font are you using ? Kindly try to answer asap

Hey! The font is called Fofer, it’s one of my favourites in recent memory –

No zoomed faces I’m afraid. If there’s enough demand I may introduce that feature in a new version.

Hope that was fast enough :)


Hi! Isn’t the starting face on your promo inside the template? I would like to have that face before he starts walking! :)

Hi Alex! Doh, I’m afraid the intro isn’t included with the template. If I find the original render I’ll let you know, but I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t backed up.

ah, ok! :( I was hoping to get that also! Please tell me if you find it! :)

Will this work with Adobe After Effects CS5? I only have this version. Thanks.

Hi Cloud59,

I don’t see any reason why this particular template wouldn’t work, but I haven’t tested it in CS5 I’m afraid. It’s largely pre-renders and masks built within the traditional AE framework. :)

Kind regards, Dave

This is an interesting job!! seen a good professional hand !! good luck and many many sales!

Hi. I bought this video last week, but I’m unable to get going due to the following error message. Please help!

-This project must be converted from version 13.5 (Macintosh 64).The original file will be unchanged. -Source file has no importable streams. Please check that it is a valid veideo/audio file. -Then a I get a lot of these messages: File ‘’ cannot be imported-this ”.mov” file is changed or unsupported.

Hey! Please unzip the files using native software (I.e. Not 7Zip or another third party) and let me know if that works for you. This item hasn’t been re-uploaded recently so others have opened without issues. But let me know and we’ll sort it. Regards, Dave.

Hi. I tried using the native software and I keep getting the same errors. I’m using CC 2018, should be compatible right?

Hi Rudy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It turns out Adobe [in all their wisdom] decided to stop supporting the common video codec Charlie’s Journey was rendered in for CC2018. I had to transcode the whole template :(. Bottom line is that it’s been updated now and you can redownload it for CC2018.

VideoHive takes a while to submit to so for the meanwhile I welcome you to email me at to request my cloud link to download from temporarily. If you don’t get this message for, say, 12 hours, you’ll probably find you can re-download through VideoHive and you’ll see the CC2018 launcher in the folder.

I’ve tested it in CC2018 and everything should work fine now. Apologies again and thanks for the purchase! :)

Regards, Dave

Dear papacuppa, just a question. Is it possible add images instead video for Phone styled video? Is yes…how?

Hello Mitsus,

Thanks for purchasing. Yes! Images are perfectly fine.

If you open the ‘ADD MOBILE VIDEO HERE [1920X1080]’ comp for example, any layer can be placed above the ‘ADD_YOUR_VIDEO_ABOVE_THIS_LAYER’ layer and will behave as you expect.

I imagine the comp/layer names caused the confusion, and that’s my fault. So apologies for that.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Best, Dave