Charlie's Journey Explainer Video Toolkit

Charlie's Journey Explainer Video Toolkit

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Charlie’s Journey is a flexible explainer video toolkit made for any online business selling a product or service, and so much more. Demo video placeholders in mobile, tablet or whiteboard format give you the freedom to beautify your message whether it’s the most boring sales pitch, complex demonstration, or even a topic which doesn’t owe itself to mobile or tablet representation via the good ol’ fashioned text on a whiteboard. Charlie makes what you have to say engaging and delightful, without taking away from your focus. And best of all, there’s no time limit. Make your placeholder demo as short or as long as needed for the job at hand.

Whether it’s for an app walkthrough, a website demo, a consultancy advert or physical product that needs promoting, Charlie is going to bring a smile to your watchers, beginning, middle and end. (They want to know how the story ends, after all!) What’s more, it can also be used in non-commercial applications such as lessons, presentations, instructions and seminars – anything, in fact, which comes in video or text format. Watch the quick-start video tutorials while downloading and be ready-to-render in a matter of minutes.

The Charlie’s Journey explainer video toolkit works with:

  • Adobe After Effects CS6
  • Adobe After Effects CC12
  • Adobe After Effects CC14
  • Adobe After Effects CC15

The song used in the promo video is Give Our Dreams their Wings To Fly by the amazing Tim McMorris. You can get it on Audiojungle.

6 Character Actions:

  • 3 x Negative
    • Cry
    • Angry
    • Confused
  • 3 x Positive
    • Disbelief
    • Celebration
    • Whistle
3 Demo Styles:
  • Mobile
    • 16:9
    • Placeholder resolution – 1080×1920
  • Tablet
    • 4:3
    • Placeholder resolution – 1536×2048
  • Whiteboard
    • Placeholder resolution – 820×380
Animation Blocks:
  • Loops
    • Loops are animation blocks used to lengthen your story as many times as you need. Some examples are walking, the demo portions, as well as many middle blocks used in ‘Group’ blocks, explained below.
  • Groups
    • Groups are similar to Loops in that they are blocks, but they come in 3s for a total of 3 seconds – action intro > action > action outro. These can be used repeatedly but must be grouped when used.