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Awesome! Fantastic project :)


thank you :)

Awesome – I will try to get a client to use it. I have bookmarked it. Well done

Thanx;) Hope your client does . had loads of fun with this one

Great Project !!! :) Congrats and good luck.

thanx;) good luck to you too :)

Interesting mixing logo with videos during video watching process ;) best wishes friend!

thanx … glad you like the ideia ..youve got great work too.:)

very good project, I like this style, well done

thanx:) im thinking of improving i a bit for future projects.

It is a great work and I am sure it will be in the best sellers list in a very near future.

Thanx:D great to have your music in it. I hope so too:D hope it helps your music sales too

How can i unzip this file?

if u use windows use winrar ( just google it and download)

If you are using a mac use unrarx

Any other issues you may email me

Sublime, pure poetry…. very nice work. I will use this project somehow. I like what it has to say.

thanx very much .really enjoyed making this one. if you do buy it and if i can help with any thing . just say.

Hi Again,

I did use the project and it was our most popular video. Thanks.

thanx:D ide like to see how it worked out:D

Amazing work! One of the best projects I’ve seen on envato.

thanx so much for your review :) best wishes

do you need a special program to costumize this video?

You need adobe after effects . But i do offer my services for an extra fee if you don’t have after effects . contact my email if you want extra info.