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Hai I saw this project in an Indian Movie trailer..
Congrats :)

That’s pretty cool! Thank you.

I bought this as new AE user assuming it was a template and a, already to go.. and it’s not so I am wondering if there is a way to go about a refund.

I’m not sure I completely understand. Please email me from my profile page and describe the problem in more detail. Thanks

This is super DOPE!!! Cant wait to use!!!

Hello, I bought this project today and I’d like to know if the 3D objects would have been automatically imported or I have to import them?

Thank you for purchasing the file. When you open the project, Element should prompt you to relink the missing files. Click “Yes”, then “Select Folder” under “Search Location”. Choose the root folder of the project and click “Relink”. This should then relink all of the objects and textures for the project.

HI there,

I just bought the template but for some reason I do not see the CHAINS and Metallic backgrounds.

HI there,

I just bought the template but for some reason I do not see the CHAINS and Metallic backgrounds.

Hello, I have to render this template for a client that provided me the template, but I have this error: . I have intel core i7-2600 3.4 GHz, W7 64x, 16BG DDR3, using a SSD 240 BG, GeForce GT 430 1Bg with 128 bits, and still having rendering problems. Please let me know what are the sugesstions about the PC upgrades I need to do: a better card graphic, more RAM, or what??


Graphics card with at least 1GB of memory. Try reducing the particle count and turn off multisampling.

hi, this is awesome, just a question before buying can i change the chains to other objects

hi, this is awesome, just a question before buying can i change the chains to other objects

You could if you wanted to. The easiest way would be to rename the “3D Object” folder so that Element prompts you to relink the missing objects. Then link the missing objects to your new objects. However, it may take a little time to fix the materials. If you want to use the existing materials/textures, you would go into each instance of Element and delete the texture in the “Occlusion” channel, since it is specific to the chain model. If you want to use completely different textures/materials, you could build the material in one instance of Element, right click on the material and “Save as Material Preset”, then apply that material preset in each Element instance. I hope this helps! Thanks for your interest in the product.

I can’t get the chains as part of the project. I’m using a mac. I have 3D element installed. It doesn’t have the 3D Object folder in the project. It doesn’t prompt me for a ‘relink’ and I can’t import the 3D object files. Please help.

The 3D Object Folder won’t show up in the Project Window. Those assets aren’t actually imported into the project but are instead referenced by the Element 3D plugin. If Element isn’t prompting you to relink the assets automatically, then double-click the viewport to navigate to one of the shots. The Element effect will be on the layer named “Element 3D”, click on “Scene Setup”. If objects need to be relinked, they will be highlighted red in the Scene Panel. Go to: File > Relink Scene Files. Click “Select Folder”, find and select the root folder named “the-chains_ae-project”, then click “Relink”. Please email me via the contact form on my profile page for further assistance. Thank you.

That worked! Thanks so much. This was a great template to use to learn AE. :)

which version of element 3D is required V1 or V2 ????

Best work on VideoHive! :D

Will Element 3D V2 not work with this project?

This project was designed with Element V1 and requires V1 to work “out of the box”. I’ve opened it with V2 and it should work but you must manually relink all of the models and textures. If you’re not up to this task, I can update the project to V2 over the weekend if you’re willing to wait. Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page for further support. Thank you.

have you already updated this to work properly with elements 3d v2? it displays an error message to me, when I try to open it.

or could you also send me directly the v2, pls?

hello is there a elements 3d v2?

Is there a proper video tutorial to explain and show whats going on?

Great work and very clean. =) GuitarNation

I purchased it .. and showed some promblems with me didnt work .. asking for relink some files missing .. and I hired Expert Britiesh guy on AE .. and says .. the seller decived you .. cuz the file is not complete .. I hope you fix it for me .. via .. TeamViewer .. or just refund me .. plz

Sorry for previous message the file has been fixed

but i am facing a new problem now i want to use arabic text instead of english text

but when i am using “ArabicText.jsx” script its creating a new file instead of replacing the 3d file

it would be very kind of u if u could show me how to replace english text with arabic texts via a video tutorial

P.S.:. we are using “Arabic Text.jsx” to type the Arabic words properly inside AE .. cuz the Arabic words should be starts from right to left and connected the letters to each others.

Ok ,, previous problems solved

This work I liked with the transfer of chuvst !! great it is very worthy!

Great work , whish you lots of sales my friend! :)

Is there Element V2 available…...