CCA - Color Control Automation

CCA - Color Control Automation

CCA – Color Control Automation


  • After Effects Script for improving and increasing productivity when creating Color Controls. Stop Pick-Whipping and let the Script do it for You!
  • CAA automates the process of generating and managing Color Controls, as well as the expression links for those colors.
  • Choose between 8 different Color Effects to be processed by the script at any time.
  • CCA has been extensively tested on many After Effects Templates, as well as other complex AE Projects.
  • Bonus function: Automatically apply Colors on Text Layers, making them easy to link with Color Controls.

What’s different from other Script?

  • CAA is not a palette Script, there is no fancy interface or steep learning curve. No third party plugins or any kind of installation necessary each time you deliver a project to your client.
  • As a Utility Script it was build to ease the labor intensive process of creating Color Controls, Color Picking and Pick-Whipping everything by hand in order to create the Expression links.


  • CREATE Individual / Universal Color Controls
  • UPDATE Individual / Universal Color Controls
  • DELETE Color Expressions
  • BAKE Control Colors
  • APPLY Text Colors
  • 3 Processing Methods:
    • Process Active Comp
    • Process Selected Comps
    • Process All Comps
  • Select 8 Different Color Effects:
    • Fill
    • Ramp
    • 4-Color Gradient
    • Stroke
    • Tint
    • Tritone
    • Drop Shadow
    • Shapes (Fill and Stroke)

Intended Users

  • After Effects Artists who work with large projects and need a quick way of creating and managing Color Controls.
  • Freelancers who prepare projects for clients and want a way to send easily customizable files that work with native AE Controls.
  • After Effects Template Authors.
  • Anyone who is looking to save hours or days by not pick-whipping and creating Color Controls by hand.

Script Overview / Tutorial

CCA - Color Control Automation - 1

Technical Details

  • CCA (Color Control Automation) works with Adobe After Effects CS5.5 or Newer Version.
  • Script has been tested processing over 30,000 Color Effects in one AE Project for about 5 min.
  • Your processing speed may vary based on your AE Project complexity and system configuration.
  • (1) Script comes with a couple of limitations to be aware of when preparing your Comps and Layers. For more info please checkout the Script Overview video linked above.

Templates created with CCA:

CCA - Color Control Automation - 2 CCA - Color Control Automation - 3 CCA - Color Control Automation - 4 CCA - Color Control Automation - 5 CCA - Color Control Automation - 6 CCA - Color Control Automation - 7

Template Collections:

CCA - Color Control Automation - 8 CCA - Color Control Automation - 9 CCA - Color Control Automation - 10 CCA - Color Control Automation - 11