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Slightly creepy, but cool nonetheless.

Thank You! :))

Fine choice for an animal, would be nice to see a funny or cute version though.

Great! It would be awesome too if you could make a Grumpy Cat Green Screen.

Ah Great Idea! Grumpy Cat! :D Will find a way to do that definetly! :D

Thank you for this free item!

You are welcome! :)

Thanks Volkan. :)

You’re Welcome :)

do you know a way to key out those fur ? :)

Good Question haha! :) I know it is hard. Try Primatte Keyer that is a more sophisticated Keying Suite as far as I know. Now it is called “Red Giant Keyins Suite”

Such a cute capture!! :)

Thank You! :D

Thanks for free file :D cute cat

You’re welcome! Enjoy :)

nice pussycat

Thank You! :)

May I ask what equipment to capture

Sure! It’s Nikon D800.

What a cute cat! Those eyes! Nice! :)

Thank You! :)

who decide when is free ?... is it you ? or envato ?... greetings… :D

You can apply for your own free file in this forum.

Kind Regards

Sa?ol ca?n?m :D

you’re welcome :D

haha – put him behind some big tall city buildings in New York City, and you recreate a Giant Monster Cat scene !

haha Yeah! :) Cute Monster Tough! :)

Thanks a lot for that free video file :-)

You’re welcome :)

D800 where you how many dollars


You can check out the online websites such as amazon or ebay for estimated price. Since the price I will tell you will vary depending on the country you are living. just search for Nikon D800.