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Stylish :) Welcome to VH ;)

Thanks a lot, EFEKT! share it! :sunglasses:

Great work my friend, and welcome to VH . It’s great to see new style projects around here!

Thanks you very much, Paulo! :sunglasses:

hey hey, thanks, spasibo, kollega :)

Very good job!

Thank you, Max! :sunglasses:

One of the best authors from all Envato marketplaces now here on VH! Great to see! Welcome and happy sales!

Thanx for kind words, yocreative!! :) share your opinion

Thanx a lot, effects_art! :sunglasses: share if you can

Wow, amazing stuff!

Thanks, Alex, share it! Great profile btw :)

Well done!
Welcome to VH and good luck here. 8)

Thanks, Djordje :sunglasses:

FINALLY !! Kontramax posted VH template! Looking forward to see more :)

:) Thanx, YaroFlasher!

LOVE IT! Great work. Question… Can I create JUST the animated words and export them with a Transparent Background to lay over my video files? Thank you.

Hello! Yes, this is just text layers.

Thank you! Share it :sunglasses:

Hi, I have a question! I moved my project file to a new computer and AE can’t find “Backgrounds Stop-Motion” folder files. How can I fix this? It seems like they are not still images so I can’t just replace the footage with a file. Plz help! Thnx! =)

Hi! Unpack ‘Footage’ folder with PNG Sequences from archive, there in folder Backgrounds Stop-Motion is only pngs. Try to reload footage as here: All must works if you don’t change the folders names/ierarchy

This works in Adobe After effects CC 2014?

Can’t check in CC now, but CS4 and CS6 all working

Where can I find the help document?

You can fint it in file ../documentation/index.html

i already bought! but footage is damage/ unsupported, any idea to get back

hi, im using cs6 windows, the footage play with vlc is okey but when getting import the folder to ae the footage unsupported. or need to install quick time as well.

Hi, Envato have strong restrictions about footage codecs, so if you can’t open footage, it’s just look like you haven’t some codecs in your system. Tommorow will look for this rules and get back to answer your issue.

Best regards

You need to install appropriate codecs in your system, I use Quicktime Mov for video footage and png+alpha for sequences. Here you can read more about file requirements on VideoHive: ”...Video assets can be provided in two ways, either as a video file or as an image sequence. If you choose to provide video files they must be provided within a Quicktime MOV container and must use one of the following encoding formats:

Photo JPEG PNG + Alpha Apple ProRes 422 Apple ProRes 422 HQ H.24…”

Hi. Great Work. I bought it today and I wonder if yo can send me the paper creased with alpha channel. I’m working in an xtra large screen, and the background is a problem.

Hello, creased paper is just photo-sequence, there is no any alpha channels.

Ok. Do not worry. I have re done it with photoshop. Thanks

Ok glad you solve it!

Is there a way to slow down the animation?

Hi… I have a question, I would like the piece of paper that opens contained an image inside,how can I do ? Can you help me please? Thanks for the answer

Hi, Title Maker don’t have this ability, I think you need animate vector mask above your image that placed on this paper with some blend mode like multiply for example

Great work. =) GuitarNation

thank you!

Hello guys good work, a pre sale question: the font used in the demo are free to download? The font animation are included? thx!