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thanks a lot Andre. I’ll give it a try! Already rated it. You’re the best!

:) Glad to help!

Can I make the characters come one by one:

(not two at a time)

So first character 1

then character 2

(now character 1 and 2 are walking together)

and then character 3

(now character 1 2 and 3 are walking together)


You absolutely can! How easy is this to do? Well that depends on how familiar you are with After Effects. For me, the following process takes a few seconds to complete. Here is a short step by step way to quickly do this.

1. Notice that each character has a ‘Stationary Loop’ layer, a ‘Walk Start’ layer and a ‘Walk Sequence’ layer. 2. To change when a character appears, you must drag the 3 layers in the timeline (not the x axis values, but I mean their position in the timeline – when they appear) so that the ‘Walk Sequence Loop’ layer begins when you want it to. 3. You must leave the axis position of characters on the screen for the ‘Walk Sequence’ layer alone if you want the spacing between the characters to be the same. 4. You will need to adjust the position of ‘Stationary Loop’ and ‘Walk Start’ layers to match the ‘Walk Sequence Loop’ position after the move. To do this, temporarily extend the beginning layer handle to the left so that it overlaps the ‘Walk Start’ layer. Bring your timeline marker to the overlap, and you should see that the character has 2 instances that are not exactly next to each other. Now select both the ‘Walk Start’ and ‘Stationary Loop’ layers at the same time and adjust the x position of ‘Walk Start’ (Stationary Loop should follow it if both are selected) so that both instances are matched and you don’t see any character overlap shift. After you corrected the shit, make sure to drag back the ‘Walk Sequence Loop’ beginning handle so that starts when the ‘Walk Start’ layer ends. 5. Press render and go make a hot chocolat!

Hope that helps!


Hey. It’s great animation.

Several inquiries:

- Is it easy to edit pictures of things? For example, changing the frame of the screens that spin. Another example: change the face of the characters. Change the clothes of the characters.

- Can we add more people walking? First a person walking and then add 7 or 8 people. Even if they were the same bodies and I added new faces.

If all this were not possible. Could you make these changes? How much do you charge? Thank you!

Hey vicenterojo,

Thanks for your interest. I make sure my templates are very flexible so that you can modify it as needed for your personal needs and your clients. I’m going to assume that you know your way around AE if you are asking these questions! You can do many things you want to do:

- You can change the spinning frame or the displays. The frame is a transparent image called tag.png that you can replace with your own. It is held together by solid rectangles which make it 3D. The compositions they are built in are in the Extras folder, in Rotations and Elements folder. You must respect the ordering of the layers if your going to fiddle with them. Every display is a unique element, so you can change them independently. The simplest and quickest way to change them all to have the same new style is to replace the actual tag.png file in the assets folder on your computer (use photoshop to design your new frame using the same dimensions as the tag.png image).

- You can pretty much change the look of this template entirely if you have skills and time to spend. The buildings, floor, clouds… are all image sequences that can be replaced. Or have the color changed. Or be removed. Up to you – I won’t be upset!

- The characters are pre-rendered and you can’t really do much to them as they are, other than duplicate them. If you look at my portfolio, you can find casual and business character generator templates with which you can change the colours of the clothes and add custom faces from photos or cartoon pictures.

- You can add as many people as you’d like. And with my character generator templates you can create as many custom characters as you wish!

- For adding new characters, first duplicate an existing character (comprised of 3 layers in the timeline) and use the click+alt+drag method to replace the duplicated character layers with your new custom character video files. To move the character around, follow the guidelines in the guidelines I provided chrisvw above this post.

If you want a quote on a project, we can continue this discussion privately but I’d ask you to contact me through my profile page.

Good luck and have fun! -Andre

Many thanks for the reply. Very complete and satisfactory. Surely in a few days are buying the animation. See you!

Hey. I’ve bought!

How I can change the color of the buildings?

Because I’ve seen the PNG but are white.

I searched through all the layers of “Scene – 2 minute” but can not find the layer of the buildings.

I even turned off all the layers, but the buildings and the grass is still watching. Where are they?

I have intrigued!

Hey vicenterojo,

Get ready for this. The buildings are indeed in the main composition, they are just hidden. If you look at the top of your timeline panel, you will see a few buttons on the same level as the timecode and search bar. There should be a button that is pressed down that looks like a little face with a nose looking over a wall. This is the hide layers button, and you must disable it to view the buildings.

You will see the many buildings compositions. There are back buildings, mid buildings and front buildings. Select the layer you want to change and go to the effects control panel. The color of the buildings is controlled by the tint effect.

I hope this has satisfied your curiosity!

Cheers, Andre

Oh, and thanks a lot for purchasing! Have fun!

wow, thank you very much! Sometimes the easiest thing is hidden in the eyes :) Good luck!

I’m trying to learn to AE & the zooms and animation are inspirational! Keep up the good work.


// Z //

Thanks for your comment RazorSharpSound. I’m glad you like it!

Hi andre, have bought this and a few other of your amazing products.

What settings did you use on export, or did you export and then imported into premiere as I cant seem to get a low file size without losing too much of the quality.

Thanks for the amazing work

Thanks for buying my templates tomeagles, I’m really happy you like them and that they are useful to you! I am working on some new ones to be released in a few weeks.

I prefer to always render a master video out of After Effects with absolute best quality, and then compress the exported video file down afterwards to a lower resolution file. This way I have a full quality backup to make multiple compressions from, and it always takes much less time to re-compress that video then render out from AE from scratch.

I use the Quicktime > Animation codec to export out of AE. This will give you a huge file that is so high quality that you might not be able to view it unless it’s through an editing program. If you’re on Mac you can also use Apple Intermediate codec with high quality and less file size.

Then I compress that video file to H264 codec. I love this codec because you can customize the settings to your liking, and with this codec the video will be ready to be uploaded to Youtube. You can use AE, Adobe Media Encoder, Premiere, or any video editing program to do this. Import it, then export it! I think you can also do this through Quicktime player as well. You need to play with the codec settings to balance quality/file size. Try adjusting the frame size to let’s say 1280×720 and put the data rate to 8000 KBytes/sec. Do another compression with hmmm data rate of 6000 KBytes/sec. Then do another but change the key frame distance to say once every 15 frames. Compare the difference in picture and file size. Then do another test at 960×540 with 2000 KBytes/sec and see a huge difference.

This is a simple exercise to better understand compression. There are no “one size fits all” settings for compression… although some dedicated compression software may have some handy pre-sets built in. Every video is different, with more or less detail and colours to compress, and will require some tweaking to get it just right.

I hope this helps!

All the best, Andre

Hi Andre,

Thanks a million for the feedback will have a play and see how it goes. Will post a link when finished.

Great! I’d love to see how it turns out!

Cheers, Andre

Hi Andre,

I’ve purchased this project and I have a client that has requested if I can edit or change the character. They would like to put a logo on his shirt, and also have inquired about the cost of having the character pull a wagon behind. Of course we would contract you for the work and pay for the additions. Do you take request and make modifications to your work posted?

Thank you, Anthony

Hey Anthony, thanks for purchasing this template! I do indeed offer customization services. Please contact me privately through the form on my profile page ( http://videohive.net/user/andrenavarre ) and include as much detail as possible about your request.

All the best, Andre

Hey Love the video i just downloaded the whole thing and everytime i run the project the girl, guy1 and guy2 characters and their animations are corrupted i tried relpacing the .mov file with the ones in the extras it still says corrupted … what should i do??? thanks for your help

Hi mazenfekry,

Thanks for purchasing the template and I’m sorry to hear about this. I haven’t seen this problem before… let me try to help you out. First, what do you mean by “corrupted”? Are you getting an error message? Does it give you an error code?

I can only think of 2 reasons you might be getting an error like this… either a corrupted download, or a corruption in the unzipping process.

First, try unzipping the download archive with this free program http://www.7-zip.org/ and open the new project

If that still fails, you might need to download the project again from Videohive. You can access the file in your Downloads section in your account.

When you download the project file and extract it, make sure to leave everything inside the folder on your computer as is. Moving things around in the folder can confuse AE.

I hope this helps and let me know if this works!

All the best, Andre

01/02/2014 Hello everyone! Just letting you know that this project has been upgraded and now includes advanced character generators in the download. Enjoy!

All the best, Andre

Hi Andre whatever happened to the Cartoon Walk Sequence Generator, has that now been incorporated into the newer versions? just redownloading all of my purchases from you after a hard drive failiure and that one was missing.

Cheers and keep up the awesome work.

Hi tomeagles, sorry to hear about your hard drive failure (bummer…) but thanks for the purchases. You’re correct, the walk sequence generator is now included in all my cartoon templates and it has been massively upgraded to include character customizations, clothing options, and a whole new set of body movements. All of my cartoon templates now come with these capabilities built in. Hope this helps! – Andre

No worries many thanks and very cool updates :) just redownloaded them all. One of my fav authors on here.

oops logged in with my clients account to post reply See above post

;) Thanks for the support, and I’m glad to hear you like the updates!

Hi Andre I’m trying to custum actions but appear a mesage and i dont know what to do the message is: Great: Head on over the lipsync room to add speach&audio…. I cant find this room, please explain better Thanks

Hello Itajoias, thanks for the purchase. Please contact me directly via my profile page for assistance – I’ll be able to help you better this way.

All the best, Andre

When I go to edit the character it just takes me to a “White Screen” when i attempt to change anything?

Hi creepyhollow,

Thank you for your purchase. To move the switch from male to female, select that switch button and then, with the button selected, go to the Effect Controls panel to find the checkmark that enables the female character. When you tick off the checkmark, it will switch the character. All of my buttons in the user interface work this way. You can find the Effect Controls panel in the top menu under Window > Effect Controls.

The character customization is done through the second project file “Character Generator SDM – CH1” (the other “CH2” and “CH3” files are for the other characters in the clip). That white screen is just a placeholder where you will place your customized character file. Please have a look at the PDF tutorials in full in the “START HERE” folder in the download. This will explain it better!

If you need more in-depth explanations, please send me an email with screenshots and detailed descriptions of where you are stuck so I can see where you need help.

Hope this helps, Andre

Thanks, that is exactly the info. I needed. Awesome work by the way :D

Thanks! Glad to help :)

Wow really good work nice!!! :)

hello….im relatively new to after effects…I looking to make a balding character with big muscles in the arms for a birthday video I’m making….how easy/hard is something like that?

Thank you

Hi Cutterwolf44, thanks for your interest. The template doesn’t include a muscular character option at the moment. I could potentially design a custom character for you for a fee. If you’d like to know more, please email me privately from my profile page here: http://videohive.net/user/andrenavarre

All the best, Andre

Hi andre! I’m thinking of buying your product but I just wanna have all things clear and know if it’s easy to put my photo or image in the face of boys and girls appearing in project. Thanks for your future response ;)

Hello garolini! Thank you for considering this template. I can’t say how easy it will be for you since I don’t know your level of experience with After Effects. It is a feature of the template so you can definitely do it :) You will need to be able to follow directions from the help file, it will explain how to import your photo and crop it. Once you have cropped your photos in the photo placeholders, they will be automatically fit on the characters to match their movements. If you want more specific details before you buy, or support after you buy, please send me an email from the form on my profile page here: https://videohive.net/user/andrenavarre

All the best, Andre

Very creative work here!