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great package , awesome ! :)

Thank you so much DjKremix :)

Thank you so much DjKremix :) if you dont mind, please rate this item. Thanks in advance.

Really nice product! Do you offer freelance services as well?

Hello jasherel! Thank you for your nice word. I am absolutely available for freelance service. Email me to gerdianghilky@gmail.com for further detail :)

Ooh I saw this video online for HackerCare – I was looking for you… Awesome!

Ah very happy to hear such nice words :) thank you so much. I also notice that you’ve sent me a private message. I will directly reply it.


Tengkyu mabrooo

Does it work with CC?

Hello rwiman! Thanks for stoping by. Yes this template is absolutely work with CC. Feel free to ask me on this comment section or email if you have any more question :)

Does this come with audio? I just bought it and the music folder is empty.

Hello fathannj,

Thank you for your purchase :) The audio file is not included on the master project file. It is described on the item description : - Audio file is not included

It is also described on the item description, the link to the audio file. You can purchase the audio file here : http://audiojungle.net/item/simplicity/2432111 http://audiojungle.net/item/travel-swing/1718730

I hope it answered your question. Have a nice day!

Regards, Ghilky


Were all the illustrations and images suppose to come with final package? A lot of the images seem to be missing – maybe I didn’t download them properly?


Hello fabez02,

Thank you for purchasing one of my item :) I will try to help you with the problem.

Yes absolutely. All illustrations are included on the master file. You can see all of the illustration assets at folder : (Footage) -> Assets I am honestly never get any complains from my other customer about the existence of the illustration file. Everything is on the master file.

Two possibilities are :
    1. There is a problem on the downloading. Maybe you can try to re-download it and then see if the problem still happened.
    2. Problem on the .zip extracting. Make sure that you do not change anything after the extracting. Do not copy the file to another folder without also including the “(Footage)” folder. If you want to copy the file to another place, make sure you copy all files in the same place. If not, when you open the .aep, after effect will tell you that some file is missing because the directory was changed. To solve this, right click on the “missing file” you see on after effect and then choose “replace footage” and then search the file from the “Assets” folder. After that everything should be just fine.

I hope it helps you! Sorry for my bad English :) I wish you a good day!