Cartoon Character Presenter

Cartoon Character Presenter

Idea of this project is that you can easy make your own presentation, no matter what service or product you have. You can just add highlighted text, or any other element and you can have clear, interesting to watch, video with cartoon presenter.

Like you already saw in preview video, there are 6 characters. Three man and three woman. Each of them you can easy adjust, add different style of clothes and change any color on any piece of clothes or skin, hair, eyebrow, eyes, mouth, glass…

Almost any position of character are connected and you can easy choose when and which position your character should do or what face expression should make, and all of that without adding or moving layers or compositions… That’s make this template very easy and fast to work with and you’ll be able easy to follow voice over with character movement.

Another project in this pack contains ‘character’ project, plus some backgrounds and elements. All those are also made 100% in AE. This template is just a example to give you idea and you should make your unique story with your voice over and story to match your product or service.

Resolution of character is 1500×1500 pix, 30fps, but all layers are vector so you can make it 30000×30000 pix if you want

Tutorial videos included.

No third party plug-ins

-wide open
-on the phone
-on the tablet
-holding in the front
-holding on the side
-on computer 
-showing left with attention
-pointing left (three position: upper, middle, lower)
•devices compositions:
-tablet tap
-tablet slide
-monitor screen

Voice over is only for preview purpose and it is not included in this project…

Music is not included also, but if you like it, you can purchase here: