Cartoon Character Creator / Animator (Female Head)

Cartoon Character Creator / Animator (Female Head)

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Cartoon Character Creator and Animator (Heads – Female) v2.0

Create and animate your own cartoon characters with this powerful and intuitive After Effects project file!

Choose from over 50 different hairstyles, 35 face shapes, 40 noses, 20 eyebrows, plus a large selection of mouths, eyes, ears, earrings and even eye-wear. Or you can create and animate your own custom facial features. You’ll get incredible control to select and customize any item with easy to use expression-driven sliders and color pickers. Then just place your characters in the scene and you’re ready to animate!

Animate the eyes, eyebrows and eyelids with handy on-screen icons. Happy, sad, surprised, dubious, drunk, sleepy, scared – any expression is possible with this project file!

Select and animate mouths with simple slider controls. A complete set of phoneme mouths are also included for detailed lip-synching to your dialogue audio files.

For business or pleasure, this Cartoon Character Creator and Animator is a powerful and fun tool with endless possibilities. Enjoy!

  • 100% After Effects.
  • NO plug-ins required.
  • All assets are native After Effects SHAPE LAYERS for total control and customization.
  • Over 5 Billion possible facial feature combinations.
  • Resolutions: 720, 1080, 1440, 4K – or custom resolution.
  • 30 FPS / 10:00 minutes
  • CS5+
Two project file versions included: One Head version, and Five Head version.

Includes a video tutorial and PDF user manual.

Animation made easy:

Position and rotation of eyes, eyebrows, and eyelids are animated via the icons seen to the right and left of your character’s head:

Classic or Flat look:

With complete control over the size and color of the stroke, give your character a classic ‘ink and paint’ look, or flat with no stroke:

Preserve Detail at Any Resolution:

Zoom in on your character and the image will look sharp and clear. All of the facial-features are After Effects shape layers, allowing you to scale up your character to any size and the details will look great:

Extensive Character Creation and Animation:

Enormous amount of control for creating and animating facial-features, including 67 adjustable sliders for the eyes, with independent left/right eye controls. Each slider can be keyframed, resulting in professional-level facial animation.:

Version 2.0 updates:

Several updates were added to version 2.0 of this project. Here are a just a few of the highlights:
  • Now using Universal Expressions.
  • Default composition lengths extended to 10 minutes.
  • Animator icons inside the Animator Boxes visually improved – also now change color to match the corresponding facial-feature.
  • More Scene compositions: 720, 1080, 1440, or 4K.
  • Separate left/right eye controls added to the “Eyes” controller, allowing more freedom in modifying the left or right eye separately.
  • A “Pupil Shift Multiplier” slider was added to the “Eyes” controller. This gives a subtle effect of shifting the pupil of the eye slightly more than the iris or highlight when moved with the inner-eye Animator. The amount of effect can be adjusted or disabled with the slider.
  • Several additional sliders and color-pickers were added to the project, giving a lot more optional control over the position, scale, opacity and color of facial-feature. In particular the eyes now have a lot more options than in version 1.
  • The inner-eyes now have a position offset slider in the “Eyes” controller, allowing you to line up the default position for the inner-eyes over the Animator cross-hairs if needed.
  • Many adjustments were made to the project to allow you to turn off the stroke completely for facial-features. While this was possible in version 1, the final look of your character should look even better in version 2.
  • Cosmetics! Apply makeup to you character, including blush, eye-shadow and eyeliner. Choose any color, intensity, size and shape.
  • Earrings! Give your character a pair of earrings – either studs or dangling.
  • All expressions used in version 2 were refactored. They are now much easier to read and modify if you should choose to do so.
  • Several more facial-feature shapes were added, including additional shapes for eyes, noses, hair, and mouths.
  • Several new noses were added – these noses are designed to work better for cartoon character heads with no stroke applied.
  • Several versions of the project file are now included, including versions designed for AFX CS5, CS6, CC 2014, CC 2017, and CC 2018
  • A PDF user guide was created for version 2, in addition to the video tutorial.

Male version available:

This project is designed for creating and animating FEMALE cartoon character heads.

If you would like to create and animate MALE cartoon character heads, try this male version of our Cartoon Character Creator and Animator project file: Cartoon Character Creator / Animator (Male Heads)

You can use the FEMALE version with the MALE version in your After Effects projects, giving you a total of up to 10 heads (5 male, 5 female) in one project file.

Music is not included. Song is “Happy Ukulele 2” from beepcode: