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In the script UI I see auto rotation. I guess theres a way to manually rotate it as well?

Yes of course!

Hi, is there a way to loop the rotation? I realized it only goes 1 round then it stops.

I suppose that you have created your animation with the auto animation option. The only method to generate a continuous loop is to enable the continuous rotation checkbox and choose the movement speed. Otherwise the script generates the animation for 1 round creating some keyframes on the “controller” layer in the rotation angle property. I suggest you to copy these keyframes and duplicate them to create a second round. Let me know if everything is clear for you. Thank you

Hey Marcobelli,

Depth of Field is all crazy and too zoomed in on images. It’s ultra blurry for the one magnified but all other images in carousel are in perfect quality.

Where do you have DOF parameters set? I have been looking for hours! :-/

Hi, the script doesn’t create a camera in the composition and it doesn’t affect the settings of existing cameras. So if the carousel has been created and you have placed a camera in your comp you have to set its settings manually according to the size of your composition and the radius of the carousel (if you are working with the circular style). In your case, if you have the item magnified blurred it means that you have to decrease the value of the “Focus Distance” of your camera and change the “aperture” to increase or decrease the amount of blur. Anyway if you want you can send me your project and I will check it. Collect all files and make a zip, then send it to me via email. Thank you

Hi i always get an Error at the very beginning… When i press “Store Items” a window pops up saying “The script encountered a problem and needs to close. Please, press the Remove Carousel button” Do you have an Idea what i could to do fix that? Thanks

Hi flowgrafix, can you contact me vie email? my mail is thank you

Very beautiful

Does this work with Adobe CC 2017?

Yes of course!

Looks really cool.. can’t wait to try it. Good luck with your sales!

Hi, Can you update this script in order to include the simple Front view rotation items?

Thank you! I will contact you later

Hello can you send me a private message with your email? I will send you a videotutorial just made for you

Thank you so much , I will send you right now

I keep getting error …unable to execute script at line 125. bad argument. – File or folder does not exist. - Any thoughts on how to get around this? I’m on CC2017 Thank you!

Hello it seems that you’ve copied just the jsxbin file but you need to copy the entire folder. Please read the installation instructions carefully. Thank you

How to edit existing script after you closed the script windows? No way to go back and edit past carousels?

Hello ntchi thank you for purchasing Carousel Creator. I’m sorry but a script can execute a lot of tasks but not storing them if it is closed. When you press the “store item” button, the script temporarily stores all data and calculations required for changing the style, radius, add or remove items, etc, but if you close the script or the project, and then you run the script again, it is impossible for it to retrieve these informations, so you can just manually rotate the carousel using the control layer and enable or disable the item auto-scale. Regards Marco

I’m sorry but I just bought this item and it doesnt work in After Effects CC 2014 or 2018….

the message that appears is “The script has encountered a problem and needs to close. Please, press the Remove Carousel button”

Hi Augusto are you carefully following the video tutorial? If yes and you receive this message as well, please record your screen and send it to me in order to see which is your mistake. Send me the video recorded to Thank you

The script does not show up in AFX CC 2018! I placed the entire folder in Scripts, then tried UI Panels after that. Doesn’t show up either way…

It works on cc2018 for technical support please send me a private email to

Shows up after selecting Scripts->Run Script File and locating the jsxbin file.

Yes! It is the correct path.

Hey. I have changed the file extension .jsx. And then I opened the script through the File – Script – run the script file. Now everything works on CC 2018. Thank!

thank you for your feedback!

Hi! I’m having issues running your product – I’ve followed steps. I’d show you screens shots if possible. It says remove carousel and try again every time.

hello, please contact me on Thank you


I’ve purchased this script and I keep having problems with the magnifier working. I click the check mark and nothing happens. It worked for me when I first installed and then it just stopped. I’ve even tried creating new comps and starting over. Nothing works. Do you know why this is happening? I’m using AE CC 2019

Hello for technical support please contact me via mail: thank you

Thanks, I’ll email you about that :-) I appreciate your speedy response. Also, this is an amazing script!!! I love it. Great job!

Thank you very much, sorry but I don’t understand… did you fix your problem?

Error! Unable to execute script at line 125. Bad argument – File or folder does not exist. NOT HAPPY!

You have to correctly install the script. This error means that you didn’t move the script folder into the correct path. Please watch the tutorial. If you have any further question please contact me on

Hello! Error! Unable to execute script at line 125. Bad argument – File or folder does not exist

- (Windows) Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects <version>\Support Files\Scripts

In a folder

Hello please contact me on Thank you

Does this script work with AE 2019? I just purchased and keep getting an error.

hello, yes it works with all versions, for technical support please contact me on specifying the error that you receive. Thank you

I am receiving an error when i press “Store Items” a window pops up saying “The script encountered a problem and needs to close. Please, press the Remove Carousel button” but the remove button is disabled. What needs to be done to resolve this issue?

Hello please contact me on please send me a screen recorder to show me your workflow. Thanks