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Congratulations, nice item, cool design !! ;)

This is just great !! :)

How long does it take HD render? Please inform the processor (for example i7-3770K), RAM and Graphic Card. Thanks!

This project was created on a laptop with 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo processor,8GB of RAM and a 256mb GPU and it renders under one hour.I use a lot of time optimizing my projects,so rendering this on a modern machine should be take 10-15 minutes…possibly less.

Thank you!

I recently just bought this intro project and for some reason they charged my paypal account but the website said no transaction was made and I did not receive any conformations or received the download file. I even have the receipt from PayPal with the transaction ID.

Contact the support team at :

Hello friend, I found a little problem in my AE file that I can’t understand and I’d like to know if it was a version incompatibility or not. On Scene 3 there is a slight jump in the lights. It suddenly appears instead of a slow fade motion (between frame 285 to 300 – in main composition)

Is there any way around this?

Thank you!

Hello! The light “jump” is intentional.If you look at the preview video you can see that it matches the soundtrack and is intended more as a “light switch on” effect.

You can remove this by going to the Scene 3 composition.Open up the keyframes of the Main Light and remove the keyframe from Intensity at 00054 – This way the light will slowly fade in.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, now it looks fine for me :) I’m working with 24fps, there is any problem change AE project to 24fps?

No.It should work just fine at 24fps.



The logo is based on “Futura” font.

master work!!! keep it up man! :)

Please help. What licence do i need to use this animation with my logo for my production company. We are filmmakers and the intro will be used in the beginning of our movies.

If people are charged money to see the movie (Cinema / DVD release) you need an extended license.

If you only publish online and everyone is able to see the movie without any charge a regular license will do.

Ok, good. Thank you for fast answer. One question: Does the same thing go for all the templates you have?

Yes.License is the same for everything.

Is there a way to download the template without purchase and try it out to see if it looks good with my logo and then decide on buy or not?

Hello! If my logo has color in it, will it be in the animation or will it transform it to blank/White color? Also, at the end where the light suddenly turns brighter, how do i make the light fade in and not popup so sudden?

Hi! Your logo will keep it’s original colors.To change the light animation go the “Scene 3” and in the “Main Light” layer delete the intensity keyframe at 00:02:04

If you have any further questions or concerns please get in touch with me through my profile page.It will be much easier to help you through emails.

Nice work, cool design :)

Hi my friend, I’m a newbie, is there any “how to do videos” to learn ? Thank you so much.

You mean about producing the final video (Rendering?) I don’t have any tutorials personally,but there are plenty on YouTube and Vimeo.

intresting look