C4D Pop Up Book

C4D Pop Up Book

Create a pop up book in a few hours! C4D Pop Up Book contains a book with 6 spreads where pop ups can be easily added and arranged. Pop ups are made with simple geometric planes. The rig controls the corners of the plane to simulate pop up action. Image alpha is used to give the appearance of a cutout. Using the template is straight forward:

  1. Click a button to add a pop up to one of the book’s 6 spreads.
  2. Add an image and alpha to the pop up’s Material.
  3. Set the positions for the bottom corners of the pop up.
  4. Set the starting positions for the top corners of the pop up.
  5. Set the ending positions for the top corners of the pop up.
  6. Drag a slider to turn the pages of the book and the pop up will automatically be animated.

Product Features

  • 6 spreads for 6 different pop up layouts.
  • All textures are UV mapped.
  • Minimal animation/keyframes required.
  • Pop ups can be individually animated.
  • Book can be opened and closed on any spread.
  • Accurate pop up book binding action.
  • Accurate book spine roll action.
  • The width of the book cover and pages is customizable.
  • The rig may be scaled if C4D is in Model Mode.
  • Pop up action can be made to look realistic or exaggerated.
  • Rig has scripts to help cache Jiggle Deformers for Network Rendering.


The Book Controller offers settings to help animate quickly and make editing the scene easier.

The Book rig also has scripts that can be executed with a button to add pop ups and help with other scene management tasks.

The pop up can be set to override the book controller so the animation of pop ups can be staggered.

Pop Up Buttons

Positioning the handles shown below in red will set the start and end positions of a pop up. The pop up action will automatically be animated by the rig when the book’s pages are turned.

Product Information

  • Compatible with Cinema 4D R16 and up.
  • Requires Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize or Studio edition.
  • Not compatible with Cinema 4D Lite edition.
  • No plugins required.
  • Video tutorial included.
  • Project does not require After Effects.

Images in the preview video are not included. They can be found here:

Music in the preview video is not included. It can be found here: