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O have 4 Doubts:

1# Is works compatible in After Effects CC? 2# I will use for my personal vídeos, I do not sell to nobody. The license ideal for me is “Regular” really? 3# The song is included with the Project Affter Effects, really? 4# If I have any doubt about how edit the Project can You help me?

Sorry my bad english, I’m from Brazil. Best regards. Thanks.Hello! Is beautifull your Intro :)

Hi There,

-1. Yes works with After effects CC, but Trapcode Particular from plugin should be installed, otherwise it aint work.

-2. Yes,You can use it for the personal video with the Regular License.

-3. The song is not included, You will have to buy it from Please refer to description page for the link for the background music.

-4. If you have a doubt and having Trouble editing the template, Yes, I will help You.



Hello, I have a doubt… How I clean the shadow in the logo?

if you dont want the shadow just turn it off. or you could show me the screenshot so I could help you visually, please email me at

Can you tell me, the background of butterflies is transparent? Thanks

Yes, its transparent

Hi There, I buy this template. But I cant’ use it. It say is the Particular plug-ins is missing. Now I used CS6 version. it got CC particular world. it is Particular & CC particular world is different ??

Red giant trapcode particular required.

Hi there! I can’t open the tutorial, any ideas why?

use vlc player. thank

Nice project, thanks :)

Hello, is it possible to change the color of the butterflys?

yes, certainly, first you should know that the color of butterfly is inherited from the Logo below it, so what ever color you have in your logo, the color of butterfly will get it the same, or if you want further cc, then you can just use like hue/sat filter . etc

hello i purchase minuts ago i instal trapcode success

i need to create 4 colors of buterfly is posible?


i send you a private message

is the BG transparent?

Yes it is, you can turn off the buttom layer