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very nice project!

thank you!

Great project, I wish you many sales,...;)

thanks my friend

Prefect…...Good Luck…

thanks my bro..

Nice work, only complaint is that it moves really fast between slides, makes it hard to read. I had to play it a few times to see all the text you put in there.

thank you my friend..

You know it’s a template and maybe user got short text or longer and they can adjust timing easily. Also i can help with an image tutorial about how to adjust timing if someone need.


Nice shapes :) Love it!

thank you MotionHunter :)

Nice project, Very well done :)

thanks my friend :)

Nice one! Tomorrow i upload my project so be ready to check it! It’s same like this :D


thanks Amarama

Well done, nice animation mate!
Best wishes! :)

thank you my friend :)

Very good presentation! :)

thank you :)

good work,man,l like it

thanks :)

My client loved it. I bought some train eps files and had them circle the planet which worked great for our railroad client.

New here on the videohive. If I buy this, will I need to download the After Effects software to customize this video and use it on my website ?

Yes. You can customize easly. Only you need AE CS5 .

Would it be possible for someone to show me your end result? I need some ideas on what to put in my video.

hello i purchased but there are some files missing..could you resend the file to me please?

you can download it again free. in ‘downloads’