Discussion on Business Point Logo v2

Discussion on Business Point Logo v2

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hi! please help…can’t change the track color and text…do the instructions but Iveta remain the same…

Hello, my friend!

No worries, we can help You. Please send us Your email and we will reply You ASAP. Or drop us email on

Best regards, FVS

??????! ????? ??????…?? ???? ???????? ???? ??????? ? ??????…????? ?? ?????????? ?? ????? ???????? ????????…

We think this is the same question :)

Question before I purchase… I’m assuming the people are all on different layers correct? And are the buildings and floor separate and pre-rendered frames?

Hello, Jhill!

Yes, Absolutely. All silhouettes, buildings, floor etc. are at separate layer and You can easy replace it, customize separate color change position etc. This is 100% After Effects project.

Feel free to contact with us if You need more help. Just drop us email on:

Best regards, FVS

Hi, I purchased and downloaded the zip file. however, I only have folders 2 thru 5. There was no main folder or remaining folders that the help PDF file referred to. What am I missing about this purchase and setup? Thanks in advance….

Hello, my friend!

No worries. Try to unzip archive in one folder. You should have 4 folder inside: 002 Logo, 003 BONUS Silhouettes Quicktime, 004 Color Scheme, 005 Materials. All this folders You should find inside folder “(Footage. If You missed something please send us print screen from You archive. Thank You!

Feel free to contact with us if You need help! For fast communication drop us media on

Best regards, FVS www.fvstemplates

On the Help file that came with the Project once I downloaded it.. it said that it included the Sound FX.. But I can’t seem to find it on the file.

Hello, my friend!

No worries, here You can easy download Sound FX for the project “Business Point Logo” Download link :

P.S.Feel free to contact with us if You have any questions!

Best regards, FVS

good job thank you FVS, I have only a small problem..the color can not be changed in Stripes, the text color works but already, why ..? Am I doing something wrong, have AE CS6.. everything works perfectly, just the color stripes not .. :( Can you please help me

Hello, my friend!

Sure, no problem. Please drop us email on and we will help You ASAP! Also please send us print screen with Your problem That will help us to understand where is the problem. Thank You and speak soon!

Best regards, FVS

I’m having trouble with the sound effects. I’ve added my logo, changed the text and rendered. I rendered with audio checked, yet I do not hear the sounds effects in the rendered video file.

Do I have to do anything special to make the sounds effect work?

Other than the sound effects issue, this project was super easy to edit. I was able to change the color, add my logo and update the text using the included instructions.


Hello, my friend!

First of all thank You for choosing my product. Really appreciate it. About the Sound FX. If Your music is too loud it is possible that the Sound FX is not heard. The solution: Try to Rise the Volume for the Sound FX or decrease the volume for the audio track. Also We can send You Sound FX on Your email and You can drag and drop New file to Your project. Just drop us email on:

Thank You and speak soon!

Best regards, FVS

Thanks for sending me the file. Everything turned out great.

Good luck my friend! Wish You all the best.

Can you help editing after i buy? i cant edit. can sure pay for the extra time you use :)

Hello, my friend!

Ofcourse! Just let me know what you need! You can write me here:

Hi, i need a help pleas! i dont know anything about after effects! now i want to change the website name! but i dont know how i have to do it! please help :D Thank you

Hello, Phoneex!

No problem! We can do it for you! Just send me your website! We put it inside the video. In final you get corrected project and rendered video in (MOV, h.264, MPEG2 format)

P.S. Let me know your decision. Send email on If you still have any questions feel free to contact with me via email!

Best regards, FVS

Can you tell me what point the music (high tech) starts and stops and also where to add this?



Hello, Candice!

We received your email. The audio project easy to edit! We will send you some instructions ASAP!

Best regards, FVS

Is there any chance of a sports silhouettes video? I may actually be interested in having you do something custom. Are you available for custom work?

Hello, my friend! No problem! I am interested in sport silhouettes too! Please write me your ideas (what you need) and i will make sport silhouettes ASAP for you! You can write ideas here: Best regards, FVS

Thank you SFXstudio! Nice to hear it it!

Thank you, my friend! I appreciate it.

excellent project, very useful and professional look – thanks! (btw should be priced a bit higher I think). nice job!

Graphic, you are the best. Thank you for such a nice words.

Great Job!

I Might be interested, but i’ve got a question. Are the buildings on the sides easy replaceable with lets say other graphics or Bold type words?

Greetings from the Netherlands.

Hello, my friend! The buildings made in After Effects(this is jpg layers in 3d space), it means, that it is jpg file that you can easy replace or edit in photoshop! Also you can replace them with Bold type words if you wish! If you need any help for editing this project, just let me know! I will help you as much as i can. Best regards, FVS

thanx, i just bought it, and i’ll send you an email. greetings P.

Very very nice design and execution, good luck!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Permaloop! I appreciate it!

Nice to hear it my friend! Thank you!

Thank you! Again nice words from you, my friend! :)

Very cool work! :)

Thank you my friend!

Thanks, my friend! So nice to hear it !!!


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