Discussion on Business cards mock-up

Discussion on Business cards mock-up

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Very nice work !! :)

Does this have to be a business card? What if it’s a not a rectangular image?

I’d love to use this to show off my logo sticker, but it’s die-cut and is transparent in part of the middle. You think it would work?

TOO LONG for export your file. IMAC 4Go after effectCS3. Could you export my pics cards in your computer, please ?


yes, it is a complicated 3D animation and render could take a while. i normaly leave those heavy renders over night. That way you don’t render when you need your computer for work. and you can wake up in the morning with your file ready. if you still want me to render it for you – send me the file to my e-mail that is specified in help file.

Very original idea and great execution. Great job!

i render 10 hours….. what can be wrong …. i don`t thing my computer is so slow….. what i do wrong pls. help thx allot

Nothing is wrong. That’s the way how after effects work. As we discussed in the forums – every 3D software can render much complicated files much quicker. For some reason After Effects is the slowest software ever when we talk about rendering. We hope this will be improved when CS5 comes out. Right now we have two options – have complicated projects with stylish effects and long rendering time or simple projects with almost no effects that renders quickly. That’s what i suggested and what i do myself – prepare the project and leave it render over night. That way you’re not keeping your computer busy when you need it for work and render time don’t seems as long.

you said…... render over the night because it can take from 2 to 10 hours to render. Depending on your computer…. my computer : dell work station 670 two procesors 3.2mhz 3.2 mhz ram 4gb xp 32 bit nvidia quatro fx 3400 256 mg….. this is for you fast or slow computer? in your Opinion long time must be take rendering this project

As an example I took my 24’’ iMac with 2.8 Intel Core 2 Duo with 4Gb Ram I’m not a computer geek and don’t know how those things compare. Especially across the Mac/win platforms. Anyway those hours i mentioned in help file was more as a guide – so that you don’t start the render in the middle of working day expecting it to finish in 15min. The first animation is the hardest one. second two will be ready much quicker. Plus – you can always turn off the Depth Of field option that will loose some visual aspects but will improve render time a lot.

This is great!

beautifull cards, good sales ;)

Awesome style in all your items :)

awesome work… you really have some great files man :)

Nice work, Plac. I like the fact that you’ve built a flat box for the cards, not just used a single plane. Attention to detail. Nice.

Can I ask you? Is the slab-serif font you use an open source one? I’ve been looking for a good open source slab-serif for ages. I’ve got Chunk which is pretty good, but the one you’ve used looks a bit more like Rockwell or something.


Yes, It is Rockwell. Can’t remember where i got it. I think it came with some software package or something, because I can’t remember buying this one.

Thank you guys. well, actually this is one of the quick side projects that shaped from my experiments with multi-layer controlling expressions. Still can’t get hands on some general ideas that I have for VideoHive. Yes, God is the source of inspiration.

exactly mass focus! Filips your talent definetly comes from God! Your work is awesome, love the lens flare and the 3d animation. You should stard making tuts using 3d elements in AE. I will be more than happy to watch and study them. :)

God bless you filips!

I’m guessing another Weekly Feature :) your style is amazing!


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