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Hi I liked the effect. Applied the very basic logo. Works fine but I am getting a cross red logo. (as an watermark) in the AE and final renderings? This intro is a piece of a full length 2 minute animation for a customer. I am stuck. Cant get rid of this Red diagonal cross??? Please guide how to turn it off? I need to hand over the project to customer by Tue??? I paid for one time regular licesnce???? I am wondering where to go for help in this short time? I am not a pro! Please help asap.

I mean a red cross hatch watermark???

where do i purchase the “particular” plugin?

Hi I am trying to change the logo in the project but I get the following message: “This project contains 19 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore there references (“Particular”). So I have no idea what they are and I am pushed for time. Anyone can help?

LOGO and fire can be used alone?

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

I am very new with AE. I bought your project file and opened it on CC2018. It gave me warning that “Particular” effect is missing. I only see blank screen. Can you help me to solve this problem?

Very nice animated logo, everything works fast and easy in After Effects (assuming Particular effect is installed, otherwise a red X can be seen in the foreground). Too bad that rendering in 1920×1080 takes a long time. I had to wait about 4 hours for the video to finish rendering (of course to maximum rendering quality).

good stuff you have here!


Gert66 Purchased

Hi Protest, I bought your great burning logo reveal, downloaded the necessary plugin, and now it seams to be working. Only issue is that I get a Red Cross over the screen… any idea why and how I can remove this?? Thanks Gert