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Just to confirm, this project will not work without Element 3D v2 or Element 3D Pro Shaders correct? Is it possible to make a version with these pre-rendered so we can just drag and drop our content into the video displays?

I should have read reviews before. I’d like a refund. I definitely wouldn’t have purchased if I knew the plugins would cost almost $300

You didn’t read the description of the file as well, plus you didn’t read the file info on the right. You have it nicely written that “Requires Plugin Element 3D v2, Element 3D Pro Shaders” What else should I do? Teach you on how to use the platform or what? Contact the support, and they’ll probably send you your money back from my account.

Really wish that the extra $300 plugins are needed was IN BOLD despite filtering certain products while searching not working. $32 and I can’t use it.

Hello, I just want to know (before I buy it)... Can I change by myself the animation of camera? I want to change some zooms and some point of views. Thank you

If you are well familiar with the workflow of After Effects, and Element 3d plugin, then yes, of curse:)

Great. Yes I am an AE user. I thought that maybe there was a pre-renderer background and can only change screens. Thank you

I’m having trouble with this – its showing half of the TV screens without an actual TV – half of the TVs are just floating blue screens…. Am trying to figure out if something’s turned off in the comp, or if some asset is missing? Any help greatly appreciated had bought this for a 24 hour turn around project – but might need to turn to something else if I can’t get all the TVs to show up properly. Will post a link to a screenshot shortly

Managed to find a fix – there was 8-9 Tv objs not linked properly in E3D – relinking those to the tv obj supplied, eventually fixed it. Onwards! Thanks – screenshot of missing files here –

PS – am also on mac – maybe some sort of windows to mac conversion issue going on?

Hey, you should link the 3d models and textures, did you do so? There is a tutorial inside of that package explaining how to do it.. Let me know..

element 3d crashes on relink files using Mac osx


How can it be corrupted on for you? Try downloading it again or try to open it on another computer.

hello i waiting for you?? I e-mailed you. look for e-mails

Dude, I can’t send you my render, with all my stuff inside, be realistic, and read the terms of use on Envato. You have my project now, and you can insert what ever you want.

Hi, I am interested to purchase this template. However, I don’t have the plugins as mentioned with this template. Is it essential to get the Element 3D v2 and ProShareds 2 plugins? Will the video work without the plugins? Can you advise me where I can download these plugins?

You can get the plugins here: or you can by a project for $29, and I can do it for you, if you have to replace the footage only.

Okay. Thanks for your prompt response. The plugins are quite costly. Do you have the template without the plugins? Where can I purchase the project? How many footages can this template exhibit? And what is the duration of each footage? Actually, I just need to replace the footages. I can purchase the project. If you can help that will be great.


I am interested to purchase the template, but will need help to replace the footages as I did not have the Element 3D v2 and ProShareds 2 plugins. Can you help me to replace the footages. If this is possible, what will be the maximum duration for each footage? What is the maximum number of footages that can be contained and displayed in this template?


nice animation! just one issue – for some reasons a couple of TVs in the render appear without the “box” – you only see the screen itself with the image floating in the air. what could be missing? I haven’t really edited anything, its your original file

Oops, ignore – I just realised there is a second tutorial video from you in the archive that discussed this :)

No worries, glad you found it:)

Awesome design Well done :)

Thanks mate:)

I have a problem when the TV is not visible. Only the light is visible

Do you have Element 3D V2? And did you downloaded the new update on this project that I’ve posted 3 days ago? Give me your email for easier communication please.

i recently purchased this item element 3d is missing a model tv new.obj

last file e:/videohive`/tv new.obj

Give me your email please.

Great! Love it!

Thanks man!

Splendid !!!

Thanks mate!

Nice work! Wish you many sales!!!

Thanks mate:)

Very attractive work !

Thanks a lot!

Cool project! Good luck! ;)

Thanks Derv0!

Incredible work. Good Luck for Sales.

Thanks man, great work too!

Looks amazing padrino. Keep up the great work!!!


Very nice work!

Thanks a lot!


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