Building Corporate - Clean Construction

Building Corporate - Clean Construction

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Building Corp – Construction Promotion — powerful controls

Hi It`s my new classic project – Building Corp – Construction Promotion

If you are a construction company, building agency, architect service or just want to talk about your equipments, with this template you will have an excellent demonstration of features and story of your simple building presentation.

  • Full HD resolution (1920×1080)
  • A lot of Controls. Each of the presented scenes has its own color controls.
  • Show your main futures. Scenes with photo, video, people, devices and etc.
  • Fast rendering!
  • Photo, video and sound placeholders. The template not includes the building photo, residential video and work music.
  • Detailed educational PDF tutorial
  • This project is created to blow your mind and boost the workflow to the next level. Make your work faster and devote more time to creativity! Building animation is the powerful weapon and must have product for motion designers, filmmakers, vlogers and everyone who want to impress the audience.

    In Building Corp – Construction Promotion — Building images, Manufacturing video and Construction-based animation work together to make your life easier!

    Buy now Building Corp – Construction Promotion

    and make cool looking intro or opener to your youtube vlogging presentations, slideshows, TV shows, commercials, promotions and upcoming events videos

    This industrial template allows you to customise every small part of template because everything is created inside After Effects.

    Support for Building Corp – Construction Promotion:
    24/7 item support if you have any complexity with this Building Corp – Construction Promotion project feel free to contact us via profile E-mail form. we will answer to you as soon as possible.

    Building Corp – Construction Promotion — control system allows you to create simply any Building-design style without touching a single animation key!


    Music not included, but you can by it here: construction music

    Image used on screens are not included building content by


    Free creative font you can download here: free font by Google Fonts

    Customization of building scenes is as simple as possible. You can also create your own construction presentations and reuse them as many times you want.

    Licence Agreements

    All authors can use Building Corp – Construction Promotion in their industrial purposes. If you buy Standard License you can use Building Corp – Construction Promotion in one manufacturing project only. If you buy Extended License you can use it in unlimited number of building projects.

    For beginners there are short PDF tutorial in tutorials folder which explain everything from start to finish (import construction content, composing architectural scenes).

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    Building Corp – Construction Promotion loves to integrate with building friends:

    Also useful to create a building video of your high-rise organization and its efforts for the society.

    In Building Corp – Construction Promotion — building images, high-rise video and industrial-based animation work together to make your life easier!

    Create an new amazing and stunning product with Building Corp – Construction Promotion Template! Download and Enjoy!