Discussion on Brushed Memories

Discussion on Brushed Memories

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Thank you) best work

Hi, take the corrected project here: Put to the purschased project folder…

thank you very much))) If three are questions, I will write a you?

Yes sure, if any question will arise contact me….

Hi, just bought this beautiful template. Because 90 % of all my portraits are verticals, I would like to know how I can switch the template to match it. Thanks ahead.

Thanks a lot. Just loaded the project in AE CC2014.

Hi, just bought this great template but I have AE CS5, can you provide a CS5 version too?

got it! thanks. I let you know

No luck… I will choose another work to download. Give me a moment to choose. Thanks

Hello Fistoff,

First I’d like to commend you on this beautiful work of art. Here’s my situation: I have never used ‘After Effects’ prior to now (when I bought your template here about a week ago). I’ve been studying the tutorials that Adobe provides along with the tutorial you provided. However… I’m having some difficulty which I hope you can assist me with.

1) I purchased the song “Fly Away Home” so that mine could be just like yours but the problem is that the song has a few more verses than what you have here. Is there a way you or perhaps I could add additional photo/video placeholders at the end to accommodate the end of the song? If so, I would need (2) more large placeholders like the eight provided, and (12) more small “fly away” photo drops for the ending.

2) After doing about half of the project, I rendered it to see if I was doing it right. What I got was not like what you have… the picture drops were off and the intro seemed too long (could it be because I had a few video clips instead of all photos?). Is there anyway I can adjust the 30 sec. timing? Can I un-render once I’ve rendered? Is more than one rendering considered commercial or extended licensing requirement even though I’m only using it for myself? Is there a limit on how many extended licenses I can purchase in the future? If so, how many? If I use different songs in the future, will I be able to adjust the photo appearances to the music? Since I changed the “intro text and font”, do I need to make any mention of you or ‘Brushed Memories’? Can I publish my finished project on YouTube and/or a website? I know these are a lot of questions, but I’m new to this and I want to make sure I do the right thing the right way.

Thanking you in advance for you prompt reply… Sincerely, LadyBanks

Hi Ladybanks, at first of all many thanks for commend. Actually I used first version of song. I just made sound value fade out. If you’r required just send me the audio file and i will make it for you.

There is possibility to extand project and add additional fotos, but it will take the time.

I am not quite understand about your problems with intro, i need to see a screenshoot.

About rights of licens it will be better to ask Envato support team because i am not quite sure.

O.K. – I just have to figure out how to package it up to send to you. Do you need a URL or something. Can I send you the rendered version that is skipping and off timed, and if so… how? If I put the song and composition here then others can get it without paying. Is there a private way to communicate? Please advise me… I’m not a very technical person but I can follow ‘good’ directions. Thanks!

P.S. By the way… I’m 60 years old and have nothing but time, so take YOUR time as well. I’m in no big hurry. I really and truly appreciate your willingness to help me out – - Thanks again. (Maybe I can send it in an email attachment – - Let me know)


Hi, bought thisl template. A lot of all my pictures are verticals, I would like to know how I can switch the template to match it. Thanks!

Hi! the link does not work.

The project is written NO PLUGINS REQUIRED but the project requires “Optical Flares”

But will need to make it through the day today. Do?

Yes, will do….

Good Day, I am very sorrow for mistake. Take the corrected project from here: Moreover any project for free from my collection.

Hi I have just purchased brushed memories. It is requiring optical flares plugin can you please help

First. Great template, and it will be a beautiful memorial for my niece. The color seems to be off on the intro . In your example it is very warm and pleasing and in my downloaded project file it is grey and cold looking. Is it due to the optical flare error? Please help.<\a>

I am very sorrow for mistake. Take corrected project from here:

Please advise about results.

I have over 40 photos how hard is it to add more place holders?

Hi, the easiest way to do it is render two projects and after that assamble them with smooth transition. Also you can use FREE script True Comp Duplicator: Just duplicate the scene and drag it to Main composition.

Greetings, I appreciate the wonderful work you did on this project. I just purchased the project, but cannot open it with CS5.5. Do you have a converted version?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi Fistoff—Please ignore my earlier request to use this with CS5.5. I have upgraded to Creative Cloud and I am now able to open the project. Thanks.

Hello. I bought this product and I need whichever file works with Optical Flares plugin. PLEASE help me for this is a time sensitive project.

Brushed is damaged or unsupported, anything you can do to help thank you

Hi there, unfortunatly i do not have the version with Optical Flares plugin. So you can edit this project very easy . If you want to use OF plugin, at first of all delete the OF prerendered footage. After that just create a new layer and apply the OF effect for it. Change “Positioning Mode” to 3D inside the pligin. Adjust the position and choose OF preset. Anyway if any troubles will arise do not hesitate to contact me. I just chekced the Brushed and did not find any errors. So anyway try this one:

Hello Fistoff,

Thank you for this wonderful project. I found it very easy to use and modify to my liking.

I used this for a memorial project for my friend who passed away recently. Thank you for such a wonderful project and terrific music to match.

You can see my project here:

Hi there, many thanks for nice comments. It is very pleasant to be useful fo somebody.

Hi Fistoff,

I just purchased this and was wondering if this latest version had the ability to use Vertical orientated photos and all previous commented issues are fixed in this version?

I had just noticed you had to send links to others and wanted to make sure all were taken care of before I opened the project :) Please let me know.

Beautiful work! Nice job.

Yes, sure you can use vertical photo, but you will need fit the size and position of image to identify what fragment of foto you wonna to be appeared in project. I am sorry for my not so well English. If some problems will arise please contact me. Regards.

Thank you fistof…I’ll do my best, but yes the project fits horizontal photos best. I’ll keep you posted as I work and let you know if problems arise

First thank you for a wonderful template. I am working on a memorial montage but wondered a few things – first how hard is it to add the image comps to extend the time – using different audio and its a bit longer than the long template. Second how or where do you edit the final text (photographer name) here is a link to the WIP you will see what I mean

thanks for the quick response . I do know there are some images that need to be re-sized and am aware of the fit to comp method. I have not gotten through all the images yet and some may even be replaced ultimately. Thanks for pointing that out though ! when you say render two separate videos im assuming you mean using the current long clip with the short clip and having some transition from the one to the next? it sounds a little cumbersome in that the excess audio is not quite that long 30 seconds or less. Will try though and see how it comes out. This is why I asked about adding image comps because it seemed easier to add comps since it was such a short time instead of transitioning to a whole nother instance of the video itself. am still working on the project but appreciate you taking the time out to look at it and respond ! Thanks again….! FYI also regarding your generous offer to do the customization – I do appreciate the offer but this project is personal for me and its testing my skills in After Effects which I need to learn how to do these things ultimately anyway. The young man that is featured is my son and this project is for a memorial service on his birthday at the end of this month. So for a variety of reasons, its important to me to finish it myself :-)

Just to follow up I figured out how to do it the finished project is here Thank you again for your hard work in creating this template

Hi there, many thanks for great review. By the way if you practice with the AE that link will bee very useful for you. That script allows to duplicate composition and you will be able to extend any project. Also there are many useful scripts which help you work with AE. Thanks and Best regards.

I recently Purchased this but keep getting “After Effects error: file ‘Brush’ cannot be imported – this ’.mov’ file is damaged or unsupported.” and then a “After Effects warning: This project contains a reference to a missing effect. Please install the following effect to restore this reference. ‘Optical Flares’”

Hi there, please ignore message about Optical Flares plugin. Try to download and replace footage Brush reveal here:

If any troubles will arise please contact me.

Hi Fistoff,

I hope you remember me from over a year ago… I’m the one who you helped put together your V2 photos. Anyway, I didn’t do anything with this project back then but now, I need to because my brother passed away since then and I want to do a memorial for the family. However, I want to use a different song, how do I make the pictures drop to a different beat (tempo) than ‘Fly Away Home’?

And another thing is, when I opened the old file I purchased back then… There were these warnings and errors: “After Effects error: file ‘Brush’ cannot be imported – this ’.mov’ file is damaged or unsupported.” and also “After Effects warning: This project contains a reference to a missing effect. Please install the following effect to restore this reference. ‘Optical Flares’” The movie error (.mov) might be because I uninstalled QuickTime from my system several months ago (Did you use QuickTime to make it?) If so, can the reveal be accomplished with any other programs like RealPlayer; VLC Media Player; or Windows Media Player, or do I have to reinstall the dangerous QuickTime? Please let me know what to do, my brother’s memorial is fast approaching. I think I’ll uninstall the year old project and re-install your current one – Maybe you’ve updated the project since then.

Thanks again for your great work and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, LadyBanks

Hi LadyBanks, yeah you have to install QuickTime because After Effects working with it. Also ignore error message regarding Optical Flares. By the way I think I fixed that problem in updated version. Please try to download updated version. Also that will be not so easy to adjust project for another sound track. It can take some time. Anyway fill free to contact me if any problems will arise.

how can i find the updated longer version? do i just download again?? or do i have to buy again?

just download purshased project

ok… but now i am having issues. When i replace image> then go to images comps i double click on the small1 but no image pops up in the composition panel so i can make adjustment like fit image size to composition..


I bought this template, but it doesn’t work it. In AE, there are no place holders.

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

Hi I bought this project. But when I open the project, It said that I do need to have a optical flares. What can I do?

Never mind. Everything works without this plugin. All ootical flares are prerendered.

So just do my job without plugin and render. That’s it?

Yeah, missing that plugin does not effect to the project. It was used during creating project and then prerendered.