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My logo is a text of 7 letters, is it going to work on it or it has to be a vector drawing/logo? thanks

Hello, text works as well as logos, you should have no problems. :)

helo, can you make a little adjustment for me????? just a fixes 2d cam like un the last frame????? when i open your templete, its works fine, but the minute i try to delete de cameras 1 & 2, it al disapear, i put some keyframes on the last frame on camara 3 and the shy control one, delete all the rest and you great work just vanish even on full resolution, thats why im asking for your help in advance thankyou

Hello! To get Camera 3 for the whole sequence, unlock it and drag the beginning of the layer (7:01) to 0:00, you don’t even need to delete the previous cameras. Hope this helps, send me an email if you need any more help :)

how much time it takes to do the rendering?

For this project, one or two hours at most. :)


i just purchased your AE-Template. Great work! But it didnt work. I followed the instructions but there will be no yellow lines in AUTOTRACE HERE.

Could you please be so kind and help me?

THX so much!

Got it! Sorry!

Glad you got it to work! :)

Hello! First of all: great job on a really beautifull logo reveal.

1 question? Is it possible to remove the cracks in the website text

It looks realistic, but in my case not very readable


Hello! Best thing to do is to go to the ‘text alpha’ composition, duplicate the brush mask and slightly displace them in order to get a more solid texture on your website text. Drop me an email if you’re still having difficulties. Hope this helps!

Looks good! At step # 3 “3. Once you have your mask, go to Effect Controls of the layer (Window->Effect Controls if you don’t have it in the default UI) and enable the top and bottom effect in the stack. That should leave only the brush animation.” I can’t find that stack… I need some help…

Hello, apologies for the delay. When you have the layer selected, and you go to its Effect Controls you’ll see a big list of effects, that’s what the ‘stack’ refers to. Drop me an email if you’re still having problems, and I’ll send you some more detailed instructions.

Hope this helps!

Hi, nice job. I have a situation about my logo, I drop my logo in the section (your logo) but when I prewie I cant see my logo drawing, I just saw Drop your logo here drawing, I dont know why this happens and I could not see my logo drawing, can you help me to try to resolve this situation? I will be doing something wrong? My logo is a JPG file. I really apreciate ur help

Hey, can you double check that your logo has transparency? Feel free to send it to me via email and I can help you sort it out.