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Really awesome work!! :) Very well done :)

Thank You!

Very cool and perfect work!! :):) Biiiiiiiig like !!!

Thank You!

what’s the name of the music. hard to find with the huge amount of song at audiojungle. great work!

The link is on the description. The name of the music is “Smash It Up”

damn, i’m so blind :) i thought i was reading the description carefully. sorry and thanks.

Hey for some reason in the “First Title” comp when I change “THIS SEASON” to the text I want to put there, it will only change the layer name and appear as if I changed it but when I click off of that layer and onto another one the text changes back to “THIS SEASON” instead of what I just typed but the weird thing is…The layer is the name of the text that I replaced “this season” with. Why is this?

The reason is because you don’t need to go inside the Pre-comps to change the Texts. You can replace all the Text Layers in the “Change COLORS + TEXT – Broadcast Promo” Composition. The reson why that happens is because the text layers in the “First Title” comp are connected with an expression to the “Change COLORS + TEXT – Broadcast Promo” comp, so if you want to change the text inside the “First Title” comp or any other Precomp you need to disable the expressions.
I think it will be much simpler if you just change the text in the Comp that I have created just for that reason, so you don’t need to go inside every precomp and change the text in one place.
I hope I was clear. If you have any other question please send me an e-mail via my profile page.

Hello- Love the Broadcast Promo piece. Thank god for the tutorial! One thing I didn’t catch until it was all said and done was that “coming soon” is misspelled it says “comming soon” FYI

I’m glad you like it :) and thanks for the correction. I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Is there another place to view the included Broadcast Promo – Tutorial.flv? I am unable to play it in CS6 or CC.

Yes, try “VLC media player” it’s both for Windows and Mac, and it works great with flv files.

Perfect Thanks!!!

Pretty cool man, Could you please tell me how i can make the transitions animations particles last longer? like a loop on them so i can have ti show that screen for 15 seconds instead of the default 2-3 seconds. It’s all i need and everything will be perfect. Let me know thank you!

I see, that helped me alot. I’ve been trying for the past 3 hours to figure out why when i duplicate a Title Scene, it shows whatever i put on the original title scene on all my duplicate title scenes. I did hit the U on keyboard and clicked the equals sign for the text file in the scene. that helped me change it from the source text. but now i duplicated the scene because i wanted an extra one but the duplicated extra one is reading from the original title scene. Which i dont want, do you know how i can make duplicated one be modifiable and not display what the original one is displaying? Please let me know. I have searched on google and haven’t found anything, i would greatly appreciate your insight on this.

Got it solved! I overlooked something, Thank you for your previous reply though!

You have to do the same thing with the Duplicate scene, Select the Text Layer, hit U and then disable (or delete) the expression so it doesn’t connect with the Main Text.
Also you need to duplicate the footage comp (if you want the new title to have another footage). Select the original Footage Layer on your comp and then Drag and Drop the Duplicate one while holding “Alt” on you keyboard.
I hope this helps. Let me know!

Excellent video, pretty happy with the overall outcome. Was wondering how to speed up the render times? I leave it to render out for 3 hours untill its done (avi). Whenever i do h.264 it still takes around 3 hours and is blurry quality. Am i doing it wrong? If you could please advise on the right way. I use after effects and do add the composition to render queue then select my settings and start rendering.

Unfortunately Render Time stays the same, it doesn’t matter if you render .avi or .h264 or anything else the render time it’s going to remain almost the same because it mostly depends on your hardware specs. For the blurry quality probably your render settings are not set right.
Here is my suggestion for render settings in h.264: Video:High, 5.1, CBR, ~30 Bitrate for better quality (above that number you wont probably even notice the difference).
Audio: AAC, High, Bitrate 128-320
Put those settings and you’ll be OK.

Thanks for your support, I appreciated your responses and am happy with the result.

Glad to hear that! Thank you too!

Amazing work and very professional. =) GuitarNation

Hi, I have 2 presale questions 1: When I purchase this product, I can use video with images and content as preview? 2: Is there video .mp4 in your pack? I want to use it on demo as html5

1. The video footage in the preview is not included. It is used under a creative commons license, CC BY 3.0 (see item description for more info). 2. The pack includes the After Effects project and the necessary assets that are needed for the template to work. You will also find a short tutorial on how to customize the project. There is no pre-rendered MP4 video in the pack since you would need to insert your own footage and then render.
Thank you!

Hi, I want to use video preview.mp4 on my site. is it possible?

You can not use the video preview on your website without buying a license first. After you purchase the template you can use the preview, because it would be like rendering the project yourself, using with the same footage. However you will need to check if the creative commons license (CC BY 3.0) works for your purposes. Which most probably would require for you to attribute the footage and the authors of the footage just like I have done on the item description. (This last one is a requirement of the CC license only.)
In my opinion, your best option is to render the project yourself, with some of your own footage, so you don’t have to worry about any licenses and attributing the source footage.

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with VideoHive authors. If you want, you can use my music in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to you on my page. If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good luck!