Discussion on Broadcast Design-News Package

Discussion on Broadcast Design-News Package

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Very nice work!

Excellent job.. Good luck..

Beautiful Project! :-)

Very nice work!

Is it possible to use this project in a YouTube channel upon purchase, thank you

Hi, yes you can use it in YouTube

Hi, I guess I can replace the pictures?

.. and the word “NEWS” ?

Hi yes you can replace the pictures and the word.

Your project won’t open. I need your help. It’s a very busy situation. Please contact me

Thanks for purchasing my product Contact me on my profile

I will update it today

I just bought and downloaded this project. However when I try to open the project AE says “doesn’t exist”. How do I fix this issue?

Thanks for purchasing my item flowe these steps :open after effect program>file>open>.. and select the Broadcast Design-News Package

It worked! Thank you. I don’t know why it wasn’t opening when I double-clicked the project file from the folder. Thanks again

You’re welcome Don’t forget Rate :) Here:

Hello! Great job! Very professional.

Which version of AE this file works? Did urdu language works?

Hello It works in any language.

Thank you. I want to buy it. But I am not expert to use this. Is it possible to edit with filmora? How can I change the lower third, video and image, by green screen? Do you provide me .wfp file or other?

Hello The help file is included in the main file and also anything you need. I can help you.

Thank you for your response. Is it possible to edit with filmora?

Hello Sorry, it cannot be edited via filmora only via adobe after effect The attached tutorial explains how to modify via adobe after effect

Hello, I has bought then open follow: File>open> select … but there have warning mgs: 25 files are missing since you last saved this project.

How can I fix this?

I am sorry for that This error has been modified and is awaiting approval

I also am getting error 25 files are missing. Can you advise please. Thanks.

Ok, solution is to right click on one of the missing files and select replace footage. Ae will re-link all the missing files.

I am sorry for that This error has been modified and is awaiting approval

HI. How to change logo ?

Hello I am sorry for my late A help file is included today You can re-download it

Tutorial says there is a “time” folder, why is it got removed?

Is the Instagram version included ?

Hi Yes it is included

I want to buy it. Is it included financial ticker bar?

Hi sorry I did not understand you What was included?

Hello. I love this News Opener. My problem is that the opener is saying that it is missing files and the files are either damaged or unsupported. Is there anything you can do to fix this? and if not, I would life a refund please. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi Thanks for purchasing my item and I am sorry this happened to you. I have fixed it. If this happens again, let me know to fix it

Hello. Thank you for being willing to fix the issue. It is still saying that the files are damaged or unsupported. I re-downloaded the item, but unfortunately it did not work. I currently have Adobe After Affects 2020.

Hi I checked it again and everything looks good Can you mail me from my profile? It appears that you have a problem with one of the Adobe After Affects 2020 support files.