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Impressive work m8 and very well done ! Best of luck with it !

Thank you, Blackwater! Appreciate it!

congrats, bro! impressive and very professional package!

thank you, brother!

Agree with guys! Professional, great looking News pack in every aspect! Absolutely love it!!! Big congrats, dear friend! :)

always a pleasure to hear from you, dear friends! i’m glad you like it! i really appreciate your kind words!

very nice project, i love it! congrats

thank you, friend! all the best to you!

Looks very professional! Nicely done!

thank you, wayman! great to hear from you!

A very nice work!

thank you, friend,

Impressive! Looks very very good! Congrats!

thank you, Mihai. Really appreciate your words, my best regards!

thank you, friend!

Thank you!

I love it! can translate this to different language (i.e. Spanish)

thank you! surely, you can translate every single word from the project to spanish!

Big package! PRO. nice!

thank you!


How much of this template can be customized? Is it just the colours? Or can fonts and shapes be change to.

you can customize all texts and fonts and colours. the 3D stuff cannot be customized, as such. thank you

I have After Effects cs6 and when i open the file it says that “This project must be converted from version 9.0 (Windows) and will open as an untitled project. The original file will be unchanged”

How do I fix this problem and convert it so it will open properly?

Nothing to worry about! This is not a problem at all, simply give it a new name, so you keep the AE CS4 version, as well, in case you might need it. Work with CS6, since you have it, no problem. Then work inside the CS6 new created project. That’s all. Enjoy!

It is not work properly in ae cs6 …can we get customized by you? any other option for work with this file other than AE ?

could you please, email me, about the problem? what exactly happens? thank you

Could it possible to remove Earth from project?

no, not really! it is baked into the pre-rendered files!

Hello, friend!

I purchased this project thinking that the virtual studio seen on demo would be on it. To me, it´s one of the main parts. Where could I get it, fellow ? If possible, send to my e-mail dihelson@yahoo.com PLEASE !

Unfortunately that is footage I used, if you saw to the text written bellow I do provide the links to the footage I used, I hoped people would check the links for themselves. As you could see, also, it does not really look that much like cg work, like similar projects that actually provide virtual studios!

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I have no way to provide you with that studio!

Hi, can I customize to include more than two reporters on the screen at the same time?

other than the pre-rendered files, all templates are created within AE. So, you can adjust everything else, really. Sorry for delay in my reply, would you be so kind, as to email me next time? thank you.

Excellent work. =) GuitarNation

Thank you


I’m interested in purchasing this package. I seen the various weather layouts, is there a weather slide for the major cities around the country and world?

Hi, the package contains only the items that you see in the presentation. Cheers