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Thank you very much, K_G_G!

Great work man. Very clean and professional. Good luch with it!


Thank you Inlife, i really appreciate it! :)

Really nice presentation, very cool. Well done 8-)

Thank you theFXhouse! I’m glad that you like it :)

Very nice work!. Is it possible to slow the pace down on this? It seems the images (the actual subject matter for the project in the first place) move a little too quick to actually look at. Otherwise everything else rocks!

I agree with the guys, a very excellent project! :)

All compositions and layers are editable, so it can be slow down or speed up as you like by using keyframes. Also, the timewarp plugin ca be use to timeremap the entire composition. Thank you :)

Really great man ! I like this project ! bookmarked.

Thank you all! Your comments means a lot to me!

Wow…cool thing! I like it

Thank you, white-shade! :)

well done mate!

Thanks dorde!

Great Project Man…. :)

Thank you crvfx! :)

Great look Sir :) I really Like it , Great work :)

Thanks my friend! Glad you like it :)