Discussion on Boxer || Multi-lined Text Boxes with a Live Preview

Discussion on Boxer || Multi-lined Text Boxes with a Live Preview

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outboks Purchased

Hi, i try to export my animation as Lottie animation, and it shows nothing, i guess it is not supported? i use Bodymovin plugin for exporting to lottie

T-10 Author

Hey, thanks for choosing Boxer! As the template has a lot expressions and calculations happening, that is the reason why Lottie could fail. Did you tried exporting with expressions calculation to keyframes? Just in case!

Depending on what desired animation you have, it might be possible to strip the project down, but it might be a headache to prep. If you have a workflow which requires such procedure, do not hesitate to get in touch through email in profile and I will see what could be done with that.



outboks Purchased

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes i can see the expression is very well written and complex, maybe it is out of scope for lottie as well, i did see some error because of the obsfucated expression.

I try to have the dynamic text as it is on lottie, which means the same result as in rendered result (video file).

i will test some more, again thank you for the reply and support.

T-10 Author

Thanks for sharing your thoughts – definitely feel free to share your findings if you figure things out!

If the binary expression caused issues – trying to disable it just for testing purposes might be helpful just to figure out if its related. That expressions splits phrase into multiple lines, thus it could be improved!

One thing to point out is that because expressions are pointing to master’s control comp as well – when exporting, make sure to select that under advanced expressions settings in Lottie!

I might do some testing on it as well as its interesting to make it reliable in more usage scenarios.


Hi there! Curious if it’s possible to add easing to the built-in animations (specifically the “slidein” animations)?

Hey Jordan! Thanks for choosing Boxer! Technically its possible by modifying expressions in every “Shape Layer” of the line, at “Transform” effect. Just keep in mind – it should be updated in ALL shapes – otherwise easing will become mixed-up.

It has generic “ease” interpolation applied – you could make it easeIn or easeOut, or even linear. Or add your own!

For quite a long time I am planning to release improved and rewamped version, thus such requests are very handy – thanks for sharing it with me and let me know if you found this useful!

Hi Thanks for the great rig this is awesome! I was wondering if you are able to change the direction of the sliding x animation of the text. Eg make it come in from the left and exit from the right?

Hey Iam, thanks for your trust, much appreciated!

While defined execution might be possible to implement – I wonder are you specifically interested that text would appear from one direction, and more away to the opposite?

By the way, in case if more clarifications are needed, you can check this video:


Respectfully, Tomas

“I wonder are you specifically interested that text would appear from one direction, and more away to the opposite?” Thanks thats exactly what I was thinking.



Glen, thanks for your response! Would you mind sending me an email through DM, that we could discuss the update more in depth? Thanks!

Hi ! So… I bought it, but it doesn’t work with CC2020, so I downloaded CC2019, and still nothing.. Do you have a fix for this compatibility issue please ? :)

There’s multiples expressions errors : exactly 21 errors when I first opened the file.

I think it comes from the “Slider” method


All the errors mention a problem with the “Slider” method..

Thanks for your response. Is there a chance you changed the order of layers in the composition? Since you mentioned it was after opening the project – if you locate any of errors in expression, disable and re-enable the expression, does the problem remain?

Anyways, please send me the project file through DM in my profile here on VH, and I will make sure to investigate this and provide further assistance. Sorry for inconvenience, but this must be something relatively easy! :)

For anyone concerned -Issue clarified – it was a cause of non-multilingual use of ‘Slider’ in a few cases throughout the project (my bad). I will update the template during this month, to address this problem!

Hi. Im looking for a template to achieve something like this video (inicial multiline animated captions). So, I already have the animation composer plugin to animate the text but I need a tool to make the textline background. Does your template work with other animations?

Hello Alcatraz, thanks for your interest. Template does not work with other animations alone (unless you would adapt them), but there are few reveal options implemented into template already – meaning, you could use it in a similar way. Here is review for it:

Animation timing, speed, duration – all changeable by adjusting markers and setting delays between the lines. Other than that, all other functionalities are covered in description.

Feel free to let me know if any other questions occurs. Thanks!

What happens in you have text with underhangs and overhangs like “j”, “f” etc or of you put a comma ”;”. ? Does this effect the height of the box? If so, with multiple lines of text, would you have text boxes with different heights? Thanks

Thanks for your trust! Please get in touch with me through an email in a profile and lets discuss possibilities directly. I will try to do my best to help you out with this one. Cheers!

Thanks. I have emailed you directly through your profile.

Thanks, well received, will get in touch shortly.

Hello. Please explain how you control the spacing between the boxes? I want a gap between each line of text. Thanks

Hello, thanks for your interest. All parameters are controller by sliders. With that said – by changing the value of ‘box-linesOffset’ slider, you can either make boxes overlap each other, or introduce gaps between.

I realised that description lacks clear showcase of the controllers – will add them accordingly. Thanks!

Just purchased. You should have included your preview video project file. That would have been helpful :)

Hello, thanks for your response! Basically, all text-boxes you see in the preview video achieved by animating the slider controllers. In case you have specific questions how one or another was achieved – just let me know and I could help you out.

Alternatively, all controllers are described in the documentation – which could help get used to them even further.

Thanks for your trust!

Great work!!


Excellent job.. good luck..

Thank you a lot!

very very nice!

Thank you, John!

Thank you, much appreciated!


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