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Good work, well done.


Nice project, happy sales!


Excellent work buddy!!!!! Wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thank you!

Nice collection Grizzle!

Thank you.

Clean and tasteful!


Simple but nice and useful :) Love this music :D

Thanks! Me too!

Good work – simple, clean and tasty!


Nice work and sales, GrizzleFx! Congrat!

Thank you!

Simple and beautiful, just perfect!


Can any background be used with the logos? I was thinking of having a video background. Thanks!

Yes! If you have a little After Effects experience it should be easy to do. If you need help I can give you step by step instructions on how to replace the solid background with a video.


Hi, just bought this and I love it. However a step by step instruction would be VERY helpful! I’m pretty new to AE. Thanks!

Thanks for purchasing! Have you watched the tutorial video included in the main file? If you’re still confused I can give you additional help via email. Thanks!

Doh!! My bad. Didn’t even notice that vid. Perfect, and thank you for the fast reply!

No problem! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Great opener! Just wondering if I can use a background image or make ithe background transparent.


Unfortunately I didn’t add a control for removing the background, but it’s pretty easy to do regardless.

If you’re in one of the final render comps, “Reveal 01 Final” for example, double click on the layer called “Logo Reveal 01” (below “Controls” layer).

Once you’re in this composition, find the layer “White Solid 1” – this is the background layer.

You can either delete the “White Solid 1” layer, or disable it by click the ‘eye’ icon to the left of the layer.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


It worked great. Thanks!

So, the “logo” layers are text layers….how do i replace your text with a vector of a logo and keep all the animations? Your tutorial looks different than the file I received (yours only has text).

You can use either a logo or a text layer in the logo compositions. Just drag your vector on top of the pre-existing text layer then delete or disable the text layer.

To import your logo click file > import > file.

Let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll be happy to assist you!


DOH! Now I feel kind of stupid. But at I wasn’t alone in my confusion! We thank you. :-)

No worries, it happens!

Great logo intro! I can’t seem to change the color though in the final composition. It looks fine when I edit the file in the comps, but for the actual text when it renders it stays black and green. Thanks!

Hi there! I made a quick video explaining how the text colors work in this project.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and don’t forget to rate!


Perfect, thanks so much! It’s awesome!

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!