Discussion on Bouncing Ball Titles

Discussion on Bouncing Ball Titles

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Amazing typography titles here! Very well done!

something new. good work!

Really amazing!

one of the best. perfect

Excellent done!

good fun moves!

Such a cool video! Well done :)

Can the ball change to a simple round 2D ‘sport’ ball? Basketball? Baseball?

Unfortunately no.

Awesome titles :)

So this file can’t be used in CC2015?

The project is compatible with CS4 and above. So It works in CC15

Is this pretty easy to edit? I have limited experience with CC2015.

Yes, it is easy enough. There is a PDF tutorial with screenshots. If you encounter difficulty, mail me and I will help you.

Thanks. I will purchase it today.

Hi, good job! Is possible to change colours? I need black backround and white titles. Please let me know that, so I can buy it. :):)

Hello, Thank you very much! All colors are changeable. Titles have transparent background, so you can use any color, image or video as a BG. If you want, you can watch a video tutorial here

Thx a lot! :)

Hi! can the font be changed?

Hi, yes it is possible

Wow! Good! And good discount :D

Thanks :)