Discussion on Book Promotion

Discussion on Book Promotion

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Hello, great template! I purchased it yesterday. Question: the back of the cover can’t be edited, I need a fix, as the magazine I am doing has an image here. I already wrote you a message – just thought I’d comment here as well. Other than that, very easy to use. Just takes forever to encode, export :)

Hej there, I sent you an email with modified project files basic instructions regarding the changes you need :)

pbjerke Purchased

I have a problem with this. A blank gap occurs in the spine – how to avoid that?

Hi there, can you send me a message through my profile page, please so we can send emails to each other with attachments? I would like to see the customized project file with the assets

Hi, Is there an easy way to add and remove the page turns to a scene?

Hi there, you definitely need experience in AE to add new pages to the book. Removing a page might be easier in the scene composition


reisp Purchased

Is it possible to change the size of the book to be landscape (16:9) as opposed to a traditional vertical size (8.5” x 11”)?

Yes, the book dimension is automatically adjusted to the dimension of your book cover. The template is not optimised for landscape dimension, so you may need to adjust the position of the book on some of the scenes

We accidentally made a duplicate payment on February 7th. Please refund items that have not been downloaded. I’m sorry.

Hello, I’m thinking about buying this template. Though, the book I’m trying to create in this template will have a greater depth. Is this possible? :)

Hi connepon, unfortunately the depth can’t be adjusted

I have just purchased this and I am trying to customise. Can you not customise the inside front cover? (the blank page reverse of the cover)

Hi there, where did you purchase the template? I have a version of the template where you can edit the back of the cover. Send me a message through my profile page, so I can send you the AEP file

Hi – I’ve downloaded the template and I want to resize it to fit the size of my book. The comp size needs to be 4190×2970 but the render doesn’t seem to be working. Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

Hi there, check this tutorial please (around 0:10) Let me know if it helped! You can also send me your cover after you wrote me a message through my profile page

Ah yes – sorry should have looked at the tutorial first! Works no problem. This is a great template – thank you!

hi do you know where to put the audio file please it is not explained in the tuto, thanks

Hi there, add it to the main composition called “render”

hi I am following up the previous comment from elimedia, what is the purpose of your template if we can’t add our own pages? Or I misunderstood his question maybe…

I’d like to purchase your template to promote my book, so I’d like to put my real pages not dummy ones, is it possible with your template? I just have to load my jpg pictures as pages, right? thanks

Hi there, add it to the main composition called “render”

thanks well done

Thanks for purchasing the template!


One question: it is possible that real pages of my book to be inserted into the video ? If ye how? Scanning every page in JPG format and insert it into the video ? Thanks

Hi there, it could work but it is hard to scan nicely aligned and using exactly the same size for all the pages. If the content (text or image) doesn’t go to the edge of the paper, but instead has a white margin/padding it is probably easier to use as it will hide errors

Great format, thank you. I do have a question about the depth of the book, can I make it look like it has more pages? And I would also like to know how i can change the page on the back of the cover.

Hi HEBeltman, Thank you! Unfortunately you can’t adjust the depth of the book. I can send you a version of the project where you can replace the back of the cover if you write me a message through my profilepage:

Hi, looks like this could be good for my project – can the pages hold videos as well as still images, so the page content has movement within it?

Hi there,I tested the project with a video in the placeholders. It works fine. Let me know through my profile page, if you would like to see a sample with your video!

please i need help, i buy this amazing book promotion but i need it from right to left please advice or send for me steps to modify

Hi ManaIRQ, I got your email. I will send you a modified project or a video tutorial in a few hours

Hi, how do I change the inside front cover image, this doesn’t have a placeholder?

Hi Helen, can you send me a message through my profile page, please? I will send you a project file where you can change it.

want it from right to left As on Arabic is it possible

Hi there, no it doesn’t support right to left. You need to be experienced in After Effects to modify the template for that

I like this template. But I have problems with importing images (CC 2019). Error: missing frames. No workaround from the internet could help. Any idea? By the way: there is no error with the cover. I can also rezise without problems. I use 17×24 cm format.

I deleted some scenes as you did it in the tutorial. Now I have an empty scene, Why? I cannot find the gap. Do you have an idea what I did wrong? See my project: In general it is very good work, i Like it!

Hi, I think your pages have a transparent background instead of a white background. You should put a white solid behind each page – layers / new solid layer (or use pages that already has a white background). Let me know if you need further help!

Very nice, thank you! I can really advise your work.

Hi! I really like how it looks, however I am wondering if it works for A5 sized book?

Hi merily, yes the template should work with A5 sized books. Send me your book cover and I will make a sample for you :)

hi, can make it from Right to Left

Hi, no you can’t do rtl

Hi fahadalissa, I found a great video tutorial for RTL text. As you can see with this easy trick you can type from right to left in any After Effects project.


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