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I’m considering purchasing this. Looks impressive. I’m not experienced with AF. So, one question: At the end “only at Videohive” I believe it is text that can be edited easily. But is it possible to replace this text with logo shape and get same 3d effect or it requires some massive customization work?

Good Day. I have purchased this.

When I render the text does not render..

Yes I have the newest Element 3D 1.6 Plugin

I do not know how to get the text to render, please help..

So far I am unable to deliver this project to a client.

Thanks, I have installed elements 3D v2 + I have just re-downloaded the AE project file again from here, and still no solution. Composition http://musemedia.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Edit-Screen.png Final Render http://musemedia.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Rendered-Screen.png

Thanks, please help

Hello? Im going to submit this trail, and request a refund. Sorry.. Thanks..

Hmm if you see text in editing you must see it in final render! Ok! Send your project to me and i fix it! (find error) and send you back for render! paramonov.imtn@gmail.com if you use pictures – send Project COLLECT ! ( File – Collect files ) ;)

Hi, I just purchase “Blockbuster 2” and I was wondering if there’s an easy way to adjust the timing (scattering) of the titles so they don’t fall apart quite so soon. It seems like a few of the custom titles I’ve made begin to fall apart slightly before they’re established long enough to allow the viewer to read them adequately. Any advice would be appreciated. Your work is outstanding…I’m a big fan!

FYI, I’m very new to After Effects and even newer to Element 3-D, so excuse my ignorance. I’m an experienced Premiere Pro editor, so I’m somewhat familiar with the AE interface and tools.


You can use time scaling to ajust timing (streght) titles or customize every composition but its need some AE expirience! ;)

You are the Lord…Maxim

All i can say…best of best…ever


Hello Maxim,

first of all thank your for this great template! I have few questions about the project. First questions is, I noticed that the green smoke at the end of the trailer where the “only at videohive.net” title is seen looks very pixelated and grainy. How come it is so pixealted? It’s not just in the rendered file, it’s already pixelated in the project itself. And it makes the trailer look a little bit cheap. Don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s just a matter of the settings. I attached a picture, where you can see, what I mean. If you click on the picture, you will see the original size of the screenshot.

Next question is, the pictures which can be used as footage look also really bad, by that I mean the picture quality. I use high quality photos. I tried to disable some effect layers, but the result was not satisfying to me. How can I alter it to achieve a good picture quality. And what do I have to change? That’s really important to me.

Thanks in advance.

Sinosch :bigsmile:

If you set composition color space to 16 bit it fix all of color artefacion but compression artefaction on smoke is stil because camera shoots with compression! smoke seq cant be updatet, reshoot, fixed, or changet by myself, you can replace this smoke layers to your own without compression! but i not recomend it! Just set last composition bit deph to 16 bit! It increase renderin time but improve visual result!

How am I supposed to set the composition depth to 16bit? Can you explain this to me, as I’m just a beginner with AE. Otherwise, you could make a short tutorial for that.

Best regards.

I added 300 ppi images into the placeholders… they were screenshots… and the text in the images is pixelated. I like the trailer, but I am disappointed that I won’t be able to use this project/music I purchased.


Why is the music that we can buy way different than the music under the preview video?

I would like to have the music from the preview video with the hard bass etc, but I can not buy it.

Please let me know asap :)

you need to test this template with the latest Element3D plugins as the impressive text in the demo looks very different when actually rendered, the latest versions of the plugins interact differently and the 3D text does not look so good. The missing textures is a real problem constantly asking for them and one environment is missing completely; I have given up with it.

Hmm I test it today and check!) But i test all of my templates in element 3d and have no problem!)

Just downloaded this and it is NOT working properly with Element 3D 2.0! I am under the gun here! Is there anything I can do besides reverting to Element 1.6?

Hi! Project work fine with element 3d v2 but maybe you need to reling missing textures to texture folder?) give me your email and i try to help!)

AE never indicated any missing textures and gave me no option to relink them. I actually emailed the Video Copilot guys and they very graciously added Element v1.6 to my account for free and now everything is working great! Thanks for the response!

Hmm today i optimize project for v2 and update it on videohive!) sorry for it!(

Hi. I purchased Blockbuster 2 and I don´t know how to change the positions and the size of the texts. Could you help me? Thanks.

You need a deep after effect expirience to do that! (you need to edit element 3d layer, groop 1 and groop 2 in element 3d plugin settings)

Can I use with AE CC ?

Hi! Yes! ;)

AE CC 2015 does not come with Cycore Effects. Will the second version work?

It works! All Cycore Effects are included in cc2015 but witout “Cycore” name ;)

Great product, however, this does not work with newest version of Element 3D (v2 and up). I have to contact video co-pilot to get version 1.6 :( just to get this to work properly.

How do you stop the text from separating in the titles?

You can deactivate “multiobject” option in the element 3d settings! ;)