Block Logo Opener

Block Logo Opener

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Some fun and energetic logo opener for you guys:)

I’ve pre-made 6 different versions for quick use for you – just drop your logo into C4D file and render out. Later import renders to AE, change the title and you are good to go.

  • FullHD 1920×1080 and HD 1280×720 versions included. You don’t need to render FullHD versions from Cinema 4D if you are going to use smaller resolution. For that I’ve made strictly HD version,
  • 4 seconds, 25 fps,
  • Super easy to customize,
  • Cinema 4D requires MoGraph module,
  • After Effects don’t require any external plugins,
  • All colors and shapes are easily customizable in Cinema 4D,
  • Video tutorials included (30 minutes, HD version),
  • Font used in the project is Capsuula, though it is optional, and you can use any font you like,
  • Audio file not included. It’s VinylScatchMix Logo by mentepixel.

What to do if you are not a Cinema 4D user?

Don’t have Cinema 4D or you are not a big fan of it, then check THIS Block Logo Opener AE project that is similar to this one but fully driven in After Effects.


Cinema 4D project is very user friendly. I’ve made XPresso driven User Data controls so you can work easy and effective. Main steps are to import your logo and profile splines, drop them into pre-made input fields and that’s it Of course you can easily adjust plates depth, bevel radius, number of clones, adjust animation behavior with a few simple clicks. All all these controls are at your hand under User Data field.

Are you afraid that you don’t know how to work with Cinema 4D? No problem. I’ve included 4 separate video tutorials (30 minutes total) where I show all you need to know. I go through all user data fields in Cinema 4D explaining what each of them does. Show you how to use your vector logo or add text object. Also walk you through rendering steps, showing and explaining methods how to speed up your renderings.

Second tutorial is based on AE navigation – I also explain how to import rendered C4D footage, how to change lighting and title. By the way, AE part is super easy one:)

Third tutorial shows how to really use this project – how to add text to pre-made profile, change colors for plates, how to set up rendering and later import all of it into AE. It is almost 7 minutes long.

Fourth one is very deep 20 minutes long. I show how to import Adobe Illustrator spline and create a simple profile for it. Show how to solve issues with extrusion errors, how to adjust camera animation and tweak keyframes etc. Later we import AEC data straight into AE and use newly edited camera and some null objects. After this tutorial you’ll be able to create your unique look, different camera angles, different textures and lighting.

Preview versions E and F are results of these tutorials.

Also I included Fast Render Tips PDF file where you’ll find few detail explained ways what cause long render times and what to do to avoid them. Also you’ll find some real life scenarios, when you need to re-render different parts of animation while on a tight deadline – I explain you what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT render to speed things up.

Any ways, there’s a lot of info in this package, I cannot even describe it:)

If you still have questions – please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more then glad to help you out.

Cinema 4D controls

All these 6 versions are included in the project