Blackboard Corporate Presentation

Blackboard Corporate Presentation

Blackboard Corporate Presentation is a nice animated template to showcase your company.

Besides numerous placeholders for images / videos and text, there’s also a great way to add contact information in the end of the animation by using pre-animated social media logos.

Everything from text to image reveals is animated to get a realistic handwritten / drawn effect.

Projects includes:

  • 9 placeholders for images / 13 paceholders for text

  • high resolution chalk texture + soundfiles

  • 12 animated social media logos

  • 1920*1080 Full HD Resolution

  • detailed Video Tutorial

  • 29,97fps and 25fps

  • works on After Effects CS5 and higher

  • no plugins needed

01 04 02 03

Images, Music and Font not included. Thanks to pinkzebra for the music.
Check out pinkzebra’s account for more awesome music

You can find the fond “Eraser” here

You can find all images here:
Image 01 Image 02 Image 03 Image 04 Image 05 Image 06 Image 07 Image 08 Image 09

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After all, enjoy this project.