Blackboard Chalk Explainer Toolkit 3.0

Blackboard Chalk Explainer Toolkit 3.0

Have an idea or new service to explain?

Blackboard Chalk Explainer Toolkit allows you to assemble your own artistic animations in a chalkboard vibe! Animated lectures, blog presentations, explainer videos, commercials or product promo features. All this is now possible with this stylish and engaging animated set up. This project can also be used for startups, e-commerce, or even schools to present your work or pitch an idea. Everything is made entirely in After Effects, which allows you to customize any part of the asset. This user friendly set-up allows anyone with minimum After Effects experience to produce fast results. Just replace text and drop icons. Descriptive tutorial is included. Blackboard Chalk Explainer is a smart and authentic way to stand out from the crowd. Exclusive_Template_2_00000

What’s Included:

  • 330 Unique Custom Drawn Chalk Doodles (Drag & Drops)
  • Preview Template with Identical Clean Template.
  • Step by Step Video Tutorial
  • 100% After Effects Project (No Illustrator or Photoshop involved)
  • Customizable Assets (and Icons)
  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • After Effects CS6 and above.
  • Optimized Fast Render
  • No plugins or 3rd party scripts
  • After Effects CS5.5 version is also available upon request.
  • 18 People Icons
  • 20 Transportation Icons
  • 16 Retail Icons
  • 15 Food & Drink Icons
  • 16 Building Icons
  • 15 Sport Icons
  • 7 Shaped Line Icons
  • 25 Extras Icons
  • 15 Infographic Icons
  • 6 Checkmark Icons
  • 4 Money Icons
  • 6 Speech Bubble Icons
  • 9 Digits Icons
  • 10 Devices Icons
  • 15 Social Media Icons
  • 15 Faces Icons
  • 15 Supplies Icons
  • 15 Education Icons
  • 18 Body Parts Icons
  • 15 Weapons Icons
  • 10 Miscellaneous Icons
  • 15 Fruits & Vegetables Icons
  • 8 Comic Speech Text Bubbles
  • 24 Cute & Funny Icons

  • Update 2.0: 100 Extra Icons Added.
    Update 3.0: 105 Extra Icons Added.

    Font is available here:

    Audio is available here:


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