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Hello, I am interested in buying this project, but first I have few questions. 1. I understand that you include a video tutorial how to handle the “edition” process? 2.Can I use cyrillic text with same or different font (for instance PT Sans)? 3.Can I add my vector logo beside the text, I have it in AI format already. 4.Can I extract the background, I mean i need it in “image”format so I can add one more “description” of the video after the introductury process. ps:I have never worked with AE

I am a After Effects newbie. I find your video tutorial not able to help me. I need exact steps on how to replace your logo image, with text, with same output. A quick screencast would be helpful. Thanks

Great work man! Wish you more projects like this one!Feel free to listen to some of my music.

Hi there,

would you add my logo and create an mp4 for me??


simply and tastefully well!

never stops continue selling :D why why,

Very nice work!

hello. i already paid for this template. But now i can’t download it. I searched and found this.

Nice template!

Great project!

nice work!