BioMed Cell Pack

BioMed Cell Pack

This pack of three looped videos is called BioMedPack. Intented as backgrounds or, scaled down, elements of a sci-fi biological and/or medical screen, they visualize various cell-like forms:

Clip #1: “Cell Net”
20 seconds @ 25 fps (500 frames)
Resembles a neural net.

Clip #2: “Residual Cells”
50 seconds @ 25 fps (1250 frames)
Alike cells that might occupy the mucous membrane.

Clip #3: “Ciliary Cells”
36 seconds @ 25 fps (900 frames)
These, on the other hand, have detail resembling cilia.

Clips #1 and #3 are accompanied by an alpha sequence, only #2 is not, because it has no transparent background.

The resolution of all the videos is 1920×1080 px.

Please note that these videos are not scientifically accurate – they do not represent any actual cells nor microorganisms. Their purpose is to be utilized as backgrounds or elements of fictional displays, and not in productions referring to real-life biology- or medicine-related material, particularly (but not exclusively) educational and/or diagnostic.

I hope you find these useful.


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