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Love the energy man… Great file! Lijepo izvedeno ;)

thanks man hvala lijepa :))

Amazing project! Love the cube smashing at the end! Wish you many sales on this one!

Thanks Stefoto. I’m glad that you liked it, and I think that on VH we are in the age of cubes :). Thanks for great wishes.

WOW ! Really amazing video!!!

Želim vam veliku prodaje! ;)

Wayman, thanks for best wish that you could have here, and thanks for the reaction. I’m eager to see your next project, they are always in top league.

this is just so cool!! awesome work kid!

Thanks :), and thanks for including me in one of your well known collections.

I love this project, I have some questions tho? I tried emailing you but my mail bounced back?

My e-mail is ivezicm@gmail.com

It’s strange that your mail bounce back. doublecheck spelling because my user name isn’t english friendly one (and I’m really considering to change it). Have you tried mailing me using my Videohive user page. Click on my name and on right lower side of page there is form where you can write me directly. And thanks for loving this project.

Odlicno susjed! Obozavam ovakva video pa i sam radim glazbu za njih. Poviri u moj portofolio mozda ti se nesto i svidi. Od sada pratim tvoj rad pa se mozda i cujemo.

Pozdrav i sretno sa prodajama a ovaj video to i obecava ;-)

very nice work


NikiN Envato Team

such a wonderful project, congratulations

Thanks, I like when you like :)

Hmm, the music you linked to in the notepad doesn’t seem to contain the 1min and 3(ish) seconds used in the demo. It’s the same track, but re-arranged. Did you tweak it your end?

Yup I did tweak it a little. I rearranged the music file a little, at the end and in the middle.

ok. Thanks a lot :)

Svaka cast majstore. Jel sve radjeno u AE? Ova kocka je fenomenalna

hej, hvala ti. Je sve je ra?eno u AE-u. Iako je ta animirana tekstura na plohama kocke u biti video, ali i taj video je odra?en u AE-u pomo?u plugina.

Can you use videos in the place holders?

Yes you can. Instead of pictures you can use videos.

HI, i am new here. like ur work. i recently purcahsed one of ur work. wonder know can i put video /image on this template? how long does it last? ths you can email me at: hoatong2010@yahoo.com

Hi Hoatong. Thnx for liking my stuff. I have sent you an reply email.

Hi, cool work. Can video go in the place holders?

Hey, Yup video can go in placeholders instead of images that are on video preview. Thnx for liking it.